Weekend Rides

915am -9 degrees

-9 this morn. Steam on the big lake.

Sat morn

We have run quite the gamit this weekend with weather. Woke up Saturday morn to some snow. About time. Got to the store, grabbed the Trucker cuz its got fenders and met up with the others for the group ride. About 33 degrees had the beach very soft but a few headed out on it. Uncharacteristically I followed (spellcheck can be a wonderful thing) and got no farther than 100 yards before I had to grab the bike and head up off the beach and into the woods. We started with about 10 bikes and one by one they left the beach to stagger around in the woods. The group was now completely busted up. In the woods I saw three different bikes heading three different ways. At that point I found a road and kept going but after about 15 minutes I bailed and flipped for home. Nice group ride (not). In the past it was made sure all could ride the beach beforeĀ the group proceeded but in the end its up to the individual rider to choose. But its easy to make the wrong choice when the group is riding away from you, turning your group ride to a solo. Im kinda getting used to that. I’ll continue to do these rides. What else do I have to do? On the way back to the store the snow changed to a rain\mist that continued the rest of the day. Any snow on the grass melted by days end. Once again it was 35 degrees and winter was going backwards.


The eagles were back by the store when I returned Saturday. I tried to get a pic with them and my bike. Mixed results. They hang out so close to the store I can see them out the window when I’m standing by the cash register. Thats pretty cool.

Then, when the temps dipped under freezing Saturday nite it snowed a inch or so for Sunday morn. Sunday was fatbike day so 6 or 7 of us went to tackle the beach that was crappy the day before but it was a lot colder so maybe its fine. It was not. It was worse. Beach riding conditions cant be predicted. You just dont know until you get there. Huge wind\waves pushed the ice up onto the only ridable part of the beach. We ditched and after several considerations we just hit the road over to some woods that we could legally ride. And spent some time in the park riding legal trails. I say that cuz there are a ton of trail we could poach in the area. And in the end it was a nice ride with fresh snow. Pretty much the first time I rode a fatbike in fatbike conditions this winter. Sad to say it first came on Jan 4th.

That bring us to this morn. Temps fell all day Sunday. It was about 20 at ride time but by supper time it was 0. And as I stated earlier, -9 this morn. These temps have been all over the board in the last week from almost 50 a week ago to down in the negatives for the rest of this upcoming week. I was happy to get out on a bike in any form yesterday as I knew it will be awhile until the next ride. Sub zero for at least 5 days.


Wa da ya think?

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