New Year\Weight


Another sunny day. Both days in 2015 were sunny. Thats a great start. This morning I was on the beach at 15 degrees and it felt like a heat wave. The last time I was there it was 5 degrees.

I did get to a nite ride on Tuesday nite. I almost bailed. But I knew that I was not going to get on a bike again until Saturday morn, and that holds true. The ride was pleasant. 6 degrees on a windy nite is like -6 during the day. Just two of us. I dressed with as much clothing as possible and was comfortable. That Lazer winter helmet will come in handy with the low temps coming up. Up until now its almost been too warm to wear it.

I had it on a few 30 degree rides and suffered. But now its spot on.

The beach is getting better. Once the temps dipped close to zero the ice formations build up quickly and that holds back the water and gives us more beach to ride. Its crazy how fast that happens with it already 20 feet out in spots in just 3 days. So the beach riding will be  better.

So its the new year. Time to reinstate all those things you need to do but cant. Back before the store I was a spin instructor at a local fitness club and every new year I would witness the influx of people at this time of year, then three weeks later they were gone.

Today, 6 years later Im one of those.

Tuesdays cold nite ride.

Yesterday was the last of the Holiday get togethers as we all converged at my mom’s house in Green Bay. This is a bad one in the sense of eating. Tons of food out and for the next 6 hours its eat till ya puke. I did my part. Nobody left without feeling full to the point of feeling bad. Anyway, its over and done with and now the work starts. I will again put a conscious effort to lose weight for like the 20th time. I knew I was going to do this now. After my visit to mom. I knew I was going to measure my starting point after the visit so in a gross kind of way I kinda tried to bump my weight to have a higher starting point thus making it easier to see a result quicker. And I succeeded.

I was not going to post this but I will. I now weigh the most I have ever weighed. Even before cycling or any kind of activity. 278. Thats my starting point with no goals. Ive always been a big guy so this may sound strange buy my ideal racing weight is about 240. Thats were I feel the best. I still race well at 250.

Piece of cake right? Right now my clothes do not fit and I feel like absolute crap on the bike. My knees and hips are ready to give out (one knee destined for a replacement already) and I cant walk very good. So activity now has limits during a time where I cant have any activity limited. I can ride. But my body has grown too efficient to bike riding and no longer has a impact on my weight. At least not a big one. Walking is hard to do let alone running. I cant run more than 20 yards.

Well then just eat less, right?

Its not that easy. Thats like telling a crack addict to stop when its all over the house at the same time. Its like telling a smoker to quit with packs of cigarettes all over the house. Its in my head. Im addicted to feeling full. Having a full stomach is my high and my brain just tells me to go and go and don’t stop until it feels that way. Every time I eat.

For this to change I need to change my way of thinking, living, acting. I need to change who I am. Thats sounds hard to do and its harder than it sounds. But not impossible. One of the hardest aspects is not changing yourself but how those around you act when you do. You need to stay on your toes and roll with the punches. You cant expect those around you to change for your better, its all you. You and you alone.

I really don’t eat bad stuff. I don’t eat candy bars or ice cream. No sweets. No chips. Not a lot anyway. I don’t like chocolate. I don’t drink soda a lot. In fact, I don’t drink at all. Some days I hit the store at 8am, drinking my coffee ( that I now am limiting to 10 oz) and don’t drink anything else until I get home 11 hours later. Nothing. I find that strange that Im never thirsty. Even on the bike I drink like crap.

So thats the first think Im going to fix. Ive now got bottled water at the store. Drink one before lunch, one in the afternoon and one when I get home. Thats the first bad habit Im going to break. Second is looking for other activities. Third is working on my portains. Just eat less. This is going to be one step at a time. Im not moving on to the next one until I have the current step fixed.

Heading into January is a bad time to try this I think. If new years came in July people would be more successful. I used to post a lot about my weight in the past to the point people were sick of hearing about it. Ive had a lot of encouragement in the last 10 years and thats not what Im looking for now. In the past there were people who took a lot of there own time to help me and that always bothered me when I failed. They felt like they failed and thats not true. But I am a fat person in click of skinny people. Every one I hang out with or did once hang with is skinny(er). So its a tough crowd for me.

But Ive learned a long time ago Im in this alone and its me I need to beat. I need to outsmart myself. And Im the only person that can do that.

Ive tried things like Weight Watchers and other types of diets. Diets are temporary. Diets do not work. I need a permanent life style change. So … today is day one. I’ll post more on this later…. but not too much.

Group ride in the morning for me.


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