Another Year

4 degrees this morn. Steam on the big lake. Still feeling under the weather. Not so sure about the nite ride tonite. Temps could get close to below zero by rides end. I might just pull the plug on that one the way I feel.

845am. 4 degrees

I hate to ditch rides I call out. But one just has to when circumstances call for it. But who knows, 101 fever and low single digits temps at nite and Im still dumb enough to do it. Maybe just a real short ride. Its been a long time since I rode the fat bike and I really want to ride it. The last time was two weeks ago when I flatted on the beach.

The temp swing here is nuts! Last week Tuesday the nite ride was cancelled as the temps were in the 40’s (at nite) and raining. This week its going to be maybe 2 or 3 at ride time. It was near 50 on Saturday, just three days ago. About a 45 degree swing between now and then. Still not a lick of snow on the ground. Heading into January. Thats nuts.

I had a ton of elaborate plans running thru my head for tomorrow and Thursday since Im closed. Looks like between the super cold temps and me feeling crappy will have me doing nothing anyway. I don’t do a lot on New Years Eve anymore. Will maybe go see a movie with a million other people. Im pretty boring. Never been much of a party kind of guy.

If I do ride tonite Im trying out a new product. Well, new to me anyway. I never get cold hands so Ive never needed to use Bar Mitts but Im going to try them out. The theory is Bar MItts and lighter gloves. And that theory is a lighter glove will help with all the controls on the bar. I have small hands. Not like elf small but short fingers. I still wear a large glove to fit my palms but then the fingers are so long I have a harder time working the brake\shifter with heavy winter gloves.

So adding a bar mitt will allow me to use a smaller, thinner glove. So if I ride tonite, at single digit temps, I will wear a glove that I would normally wear in the 30’s. And we will see what happens.

Theres the issue with having your hands somewhat “attached” to the bars. Im not so sure that will be an issue. Ive just never used them before because my hands never get cold. So I’ll try them out if I ride tonite. Seems like a good time to see what they can do for me. If my hands stay warm with the lighter gloves they are in. If they get cold and I have to wear a thicker glove anyway they are out.

I’ll let you know Friday as Im not going to be in this store for two days in a row. I cant remember the last time that happened. Once in Sept. Maybe twice this summer.

Have a great New Year.


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