Christmas (its Friday)

915am Look up. What the hell is that thing?

 Strange to wake up alone on Christmas day. Work schedules has our family first getting together late afternoon.

Strange to wake up this morning with the sun shining. Pretty much the first time in 17 days.

First, Christmas day was a bit weird. As stated, woke up alone in the house. Eerily quiet. So I grabbed my cross bike and headed out for about an hour and a half. I can’t remember the last time I was out of the house on Christmas morning. Its been many years. On my ride I was surprised to see quite a few others roaming around. It was 40 degrees. Lots of people in the park too. Way more than I would have guessed. A very nice easy hour and a half. Along with the hour and a half on Xmas Eve Im up to 3 hours this week. I was shooting for 10 by Sunday but I’ll settle for 8. If its not raining tomorrow I’ll get 3 in before the store opens. That will leave a easy 2 for Sunday.

Later in the afternoon family came over and a good time was had by all. I don’t get much for Xmas. Me and my wife do not exchange. But the kids get me a gift card  and this year its from our local movie theater so it looks like I have some movies to go to. Its something I would not get myself so very nice to receive it.

Another weird morning today. I woke up to sun shining thru my window. I always leave the shades up just in case something like this happens. Its been forever since the sun woke me up and I jumped out of bed, got my shit together and was out the door in seconds. Grabbed my coffee and headed to the park.

As expected on a sunny, warm 40 degree December 26th morning there were a million people out. The sun was so warm I could walk on the beach in a t shirt. Hard to believe January is less than a week away.

And just for a second, just a second mind you, I enjoyed the lack of winter walking on the beach. No thoughts of snow or cold. Visions of living farther south. I was thinking I could get used to this under other circumstances. Then, as soon as it came, those thought left. I really want winter. I like winter. I have a fatbike. I have ski’s. I want snow.

Today I have made an executive decision and will close on New years Eve along with day. No ski or snowshoe rentals going on so I will close the extra day and drive north until I have some snow to play in. Stay a nite somewhere and play some more in the morning, then drive back to my mom’s in Green Bay for a visit on New Years Day.

I forget thats its Friday. Tomorrow will be the group ride. Mild temps will keep me on the road for sure. Maybe skip breakfast with the group to add some miles. I sure could use some miles.

Have a great weekend.


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