Christmas Eve

Just got back from a nice ride. An hour and a half on the cross bike. 7 or 8 bikes on the ride but I had to “flippit” and return to open the store. The others continued on. Only open four hours today. Then of course not back to store till Friday.

First off, hope everyone has a great Holiday.

I’ll be with family tonite and tomorrow afternoon.

But I cant help but be a little depressed as its officially a brown Christmas. Some of the grass is even still green. Not much of a winter. Maybe the lack of snow doesn’t affect others but it does me. Its just hard to get in the swing of things for the Holidays with no snow. Yesterday it was 40 degrees. Todays ride was at 35. Calling for some rain this afternoon and maybe a dusting of snow if it gets cold enough tonite.

How terrible would it be to wake up on Christmas morning to rain.

But…. nothing you can do about the weather expect complain and that changes nothing. So roll with it. I’ll try and get out on a bike in the morning again. With our festivities starting in the afternoon tomorrow could be the first time Ive been on a bike on Christmas morning ever.

So I’ll do it for real. Have a nice Christmas.


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