Pending Holidays Week


At least this morning the sun is trying. Its been awhile. Someone told me that we had 3 days of sun so far this December. And I can feel it. Its Dec 22nd and its raining. Rain tomorrow too. What the hell. Can the weather get any worse? Still, in the 10day, no real snow to speak of. We might get a dusting to cover the grass Wednesday. Thats it, very depressing.

The weekend had some riding but nothing of quality. But thats not a bad thing. Saturday I had to shorten the ride to get back to the store so it was a quick out and back. Hour and a half.

Sunday I had some time so I headed out to Greenbush to ride the more advanced trails in the area. Several others showed and I knew I would not keep up but I barely made it out alive.

When you don’t push yourself on the bike you have no idea where you stand fitness wise. What a wake up call. Riding the beach or whatever is one thing but once I got in these trails with a bit more climbing I struggled greatly. Stopping 3 or 4 times to catch my breath and re group. Others long gone.  But what does not kill you makes you stronger. That suffer fest Sunday was not a bad thing in that respect. In fact the lack of those efforts are part of my problem of late.

Right now Im very close to rock bottom withy my fitness and I dont know if I have to hit that mark to get the mindset I need to reverse? It sure is the wrong time of year to deal with this. But then again there really is not a good time either. Now or never I guess. I just wonder how the winter trips up north with the fatbike will go. Im sure I’ll struggle. But will head up non the less.

Ride more-eat less.

With the Holidays near this last week was the busiest of the month. And without the snow things will be a bit quiet after Christmas. I use this time to do things I dont have the time to do in summer. This year Im finishing off the spare room up stairs here. Maybe use it for sales floor someday. At least thats my thought. More is better I guess.

I dont have a lot of commitments this week so I’ll try and work in a few rides with the time off. I can actually have a Christmas morning ride if I go kinda early. Lets see how much time I can put in the saddle between today and next Sunday.

I’ll give it my best shot.


Wa da ya think?

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