Eagle Friday

I cant believe its Friday already. I had planned on a nice fat bike ride this morn but I have a ton of ski’s to set up so Im in the store early and ready for work. After my coffee.

The day started off pretty good. Saw this eagle less than a block from the store. In fact if I looked out a window I could see it. Its always a great start to a day when I can spot one. In winter I see them more than summer as the inland lakes start to freeze over and they come to the big lake to go fishing.


This pic was with my phone. Thats how close I was. Very cool. He\she seemed more interested in me than I was of it.

I was torn about the bike ride this morn, I was going to just do a little local urban assault with the fat bike. Some beach, sidewalk and street. Its a fun hour ride. But I can do that another day and need to take care of business first.

Tomorrow is of course the group ride in the morning. I will again take the cross bike in hopes of keeping up better. Temps might be low enough to ride the beach but I’ll just stay on the road.

Sunday is up for grabs but a fat bike ride most likely. I actually would like to head to the park and ride the ski trails because it looks like some snow is on the way next week and I might just be grooming. I quick inspection of the trails before hand would not be a bad idea. I’ll have to inform the Rangers first as one can’t ride bikes there but maybe they will let me for the sake of saving time. Maybe even throw some sticks off and do some general clean up.

Thats about all the weekend holds for me besides work. This will be the busiest weekend of the month and I most likely will skip breakfast in the group ride to get to the store sooner tomorrow.

Have a great weekend. Get outside and look for your eagle.


1 thought on “Eagle Friday

  1. Dano, I’d get to the Park to check it out. They cut down HUNDREDS of ash trees and it’s a mess. The ski trails next to the road are the worst.

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