Temps have dipped back below freezing for the next few days. A very light snow fell last nite. Not enough to cover the grass. Looking forward, temps back in the 40’s next week.

file foto 2010

This is the same pattern we had two years ago. High pressures get below freezing with temps, when the lows come in with precipitation and bring warmer temps and rain. Then move out and back to cold. Makes for an awful winter.

Looking as far ahead as I can, not only will we have a brown Christmas, it looks like that will ride right into January. You know, if we don’t get snow in winter than you might as well have summer. It seems this “type” of weather runs from Oct to May. I’ll stop complaining.

Tonite is the Tues nite ride rescheduled. Looking for a beach ride. Colder with clouds should firm up the sand good enough for a fatbike anyway. And Im looking forward to that.

So thats all I have today. Not a lot.


Wa da ya think?

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