The Worst

Today Im going to complain about the weather. And stuff.

Weather impacts me more than most. Both personally and in business. And usually when its bad for one its bad for the other.

Peace out.

Personally, I can overlook the lack of winter if I still can get outside on the bike. But its been foggy\raining\cloudy\damp for days now. Lack of sun affects me greatly. Looking at the gloomy day outside makes me think about moving. Relocating. That would be near impossible for me to do but I can dream about it.

Would I move north where winter is much better or south where summer is much better. Not sure. Both appeal to me. Ive always wanted to live near mountains. I’ve only seen the Rocky’s once. And that was from pretty far away, passing thru. When I think of States to live in usually two come up.

Colorado and North Carolina. Both mecca’s for outside stuff. Both have better climates than Wisconsin. Maybe not better overall but better for outside stuff.

Anyway, its just thoughts in my head. Moving on…

Tonight’s Tuesday Nite ride is off. All day rain and melting snow\ice have the woods a mess right now. Its supposed to turn colder tonite so maybe we will try it again tomorrow nite.

Besides the weather working against me of late I found out why I struggled on last weeks group ride. Or any ride. I just weighed myself last nite and I have gained a full 10 pounds in the last month. And my weight was up to begin with. Sadly, I now weigh more than I ever did in my life. Even more than I did before bike riding. What a frickin wake up call that was. I weighed myself three times as I could not believe it. I won’t even post the number as its too embarrassing.

Also in that respect, this is the worst time of the year. My activities get cut in half and my eating go’s up at the same time. Spelling disaster for me. Ive always been a big guy. My racing weight is about 250. I feel pretty good at that weight. I was once 30 pounds less and felt like crap, And now almost 30 pounds more and feel like crap.

 So I have some work to do. I never set goals. I get way too devastated when I don’t meet them. But I do have three fatbike races I would like to do. One being a bit over a month away. Maybe I’ll skip that one depending on how I feel. Im pretty sure I would not be last but might not want to spend the money when a bunch of us are up there to ride anyway that weekend.

Then theres this one in Feb. I’ll race the short one I think. Both of those races being in Marquette does not hurt either. You dont have to ask me twice to go to Marquette.

Then for me the main one is the Birkie. Maybe this is the one I do try to get a better result than last year. And heading into spring a few pounds down and in better shape would not be a bad thing. So maybe thats kinda like a goal in the back of my mind. Maybe. But with the Holidays coming its going to get worse before it gets better. But I guess it doesn’t have to. So many issues and scenarios that could make this either way.

Depends on the weather.


Wa da ya think?

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