New (old) Bike.

As expected, the temps soared this weekend. Sunday hitting 47. With every passing day the hopes for a white Christmas, let alone enough snow to do stuff on, is passing. But Im keeping the faith.DSCN4375

As I mentioned, I rebuilt Pinky this Friday. All stuff I had laying around. The bar\stem and wheels are high end but driveline is a mix of old Ultegra shifters (left side is a triple locked out to double) and rear derailleur. Crank is Sram Apex and the front derailleur is a X5. Everything was found in a box somewhere. Even the bar tape came off some other DSCN4376bike.

As always, I put on some obscure pink component on the bike to keep it true to its name.

You cant see them that well but the brake hangers are those old peace sign ones. Old school.

Saturday morn was the first ride. First rides on franken-bikes are always a hit or miss. Miss matched drivelines. 2014 technology stuffed on a 2001 frame. But all went well.

Some history when Pinky was Pink.


Here I am riding Pinky in 2008 on a 18 day bike tour of Wisconsin. You don’t need a fancy destination to tour. So much you can see by bike that your home State works out fine.

Saturdays ride was as I called it. Two road bikes showed up. The pace was summer like as those bikes pushed the group. Those who could keep up did. Those who could not did not. I was the latter. Even with the faster bike. I would have really struggled (more) with the Trucker. On the way home the group exploded into three. Just me and another riding OTB (off the back).

Sunday I made a last minute decision to ride. The weather dudes were calling for huge fog but none to be seen so I put in another hour and a half.


So between Saturday and Sunday I had 4 hours in the saddle. Starting off on Saturday feeling and riding slow but feeling better on Sunday. I sure can use more weekends like that.

I’ll still ride the Trucker on snowy winter days but now with Pinky back up and running for the time being, I have an alternative when the temps are up. Not that I want that, a little skiing throw in would make a much better weekend.

I see nothing in the next ten days. But hopes are still up.


Wa da ya think?

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