Pending Weekend

These are my fav bars and going on my old cross bike.

Its Friday and time to plan out a successful weekend. Of course the Saturday group ride takes precedence. Temps are up this weekend and into next week. So this weekend will not even hint of winter bike rides. In fact, Im building up my old cross bike (hopefully finished today) to road ride in this warmer weather.

Its my old XO1 cross bike that has been built and tore down a million times. I’ll have pics on Monday if things go well.

No fat bike this weekend. Muddy trails and unfrozen beach. It feels like spring outside. I would not doubt seeing a road bike tomorrow morn.

Sunday ride temps could be near 50. But it seems the sun will not be out. Regardless in the back of my mind I was thinking off a 3 to 4 hour ride on the hopefully done cross bike. I have a 65 mile summer route that I just might bust out. But the weather dudes are calling for damp\fog\drizzle at that time. That would make 45 degrees feel like 30 on the road. I’ll make that call tomorrow.

Looking forward in the weather, there is a chance of a green Christmas. That would be a bummer. Such strange weather had Nov colder than Dec. Skiing is still a long way off. Even way north where they have been skiing for a month is getting blasted with warm weather. I hope it survives.

So while we morn the lack of snow we need to take advantage of the riding. And I plan just that. Its a tough world when we cant do both. And thats a possibility with this weather.

I hope not. Have a good weekend.


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