2 Days Lost


I must have really been busy the last two days. I never even noticed I haven’t posted since Monday. Not sure why Ive been busy cuz it does not feel like I was.

This morn tho, I got out for a ride in the woods. Again, I was surprised by the 15 degrees at ride time. I did not have my cold weather gloves and I suffered a bit with my light gloves. The ones I use in the 30’s. With all the talk of hitting near 50 this weekend I assumed it was not going to hit that cold last nite. And me the guy who studies the National Weather Service to the point that I could be a meteorologist.

Speaking of, highs in the upper 40’s this weekend. No snow in sight. Not the winter I was hoping for.

So the light gloves I wore today will stay out as temps will rise for several days. Sunday near 50. Break out the road bikes. Maybe a long road ride will be called for. Will see. Im putting together a winter cross bike of sorts. While the Trucker still will be my go to winter bikes Im looking for something a little more racy for the warmer days of this winter. Will post as soon as its done.


Wa da ya think?

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