Weekend Update

Another weekend in the books. Another Saturday group ride. Another Sunday fat ride. Then woke up to rain this morn.

The Saturday group ride was nice. We all hit the beach but four of us got right off. Its just not that fun to ride anymore with the water level so high. Really, there’s no beach to ride. HIgh water pushes us up into the weeds.

Most of the guys ride MTB’s with some cross. I of course have the Trucker. Its not the best on the beach. The 2in tires work good but its rigid and very heavy so I struggle with it while riding the beach.

Several spots have us off the bike completely and walking a spell. I hate doing that. Id rather just stay on the road then, and thats what a few of us did while the others picked their way down the beach.

In the past, the water was way lower and we would peloton at 20mph at the waters edge. That was a blast and a ride a lot of people never got to do. Such a strange place to ride so fast and smooth. Chasing Bald Eagles up and down the coastline.

A big group this Saturday. Thats not my shadow.

Now its just too slow and you have to pick you way along the waters edge. At some point you either have to ride up into the dry sand and weeds or in the water. Both suck.


Above is a pic from 2009. The darker sand is froze solid. I have my cross bike here but you could ride a road bike if you wanted to. Fast and smooth for miles. Like 15 miles non stop. Today my bike here would be in a couple feet of water.


Heres pretty much the same spot now. Maybe 100 yards apart from the older pic. Look at that old pic. You can see the yellowish grass way on the left. Thats where we are standing now. Look at the difference in tree line.

In winter, the beach was a huge part of the Saturday group ride. Maybe the only reason some do it. And they can ride it if they want but Im not riding a crappy beach just to hang on to the past. If this is how its going to be why ride it if its not fun? Some guys don’t mind it. Its way easier to do on a MTB but I dont have a winter MTB. Ive been asked a lot why I dont just ride the fat bike and that for sure would make the beach ride a simple task for me but the group ride has at least 20 miles of road too. Thats not possible to keep up on a fattie. I do still hit the beach with the fattie now and then….

Actually, this ride was kinda why I build a 29+ wheels set. But since they don’t fit on the Farley thats out.

Sunday was a nice easy fatbike roll on the local trails. Even hit some mud. Just an hour but was nice to get out of the house for a bit. Thats one advantage of the fat bike over skiing in winter. Its a blast to ride in snow but you don’t need it snow to use it.  And it looks like there will be no skiing here until January. Hope they are wrong.

Looking forward. The weather is going to mild right up to Christmas. Not good news for snow sports. LIke I said earlier, its raining this morn. Next week at some point we could see 50 degrees. And while mild winters helps the bike riding its just no good for anything else. And winter is the time I and others want to do anything else.

But you cant control the weather so you gatta be prepared to roll with what gets thrown at you.


Wa da ya think?

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