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Every once in a while I post about something that I think is good. Then I’ll share the post on Facebook to get it out there. Sometimes that is a mistake. I will not post this to Facebook. Its just for those who stumble upon it.


I really don’t like Facebook. I use it mostly for the store and I do throw out a post now and then, mostly on a bike ride. But God forbid you post an opinion. Even a stupid one like ” Sooner or later you will all have fatbikes”. Such a strange reaction I got ( said Yoda).

From people telling me I should like all bikes not just fatbikes to people complaining about the fatbike frame geometry. I don’t mind the opinions, not at all. You gatta expect that when posting to the masses. Just saying they were weird. I might retract that original statement. Not all people who ride bikes will own one. And that does not make them weird.

I really think people who don’t have or don’t want a fatbike are just tired of hearing about them. Its true, 9 months out of the year you don’t hear much. But come Oct its all you hear about is how big a tire is or how light the bike is or how wide that rim is and I rode it here and there and it was great. The greatest thing ever! And thats just cuz its new to some and kinda new to others.

In my post two days ago I said the fat bike explosion can be compared to the birth of the MTB. It cant. And its because of social media. Lets say I don’t like tricycles. And all my friends got new tricycles and all they talk about is how wide the rims are on the tricycles I could see how it could get old. Since I have no intentions of getting a tricycle.

I guess to each their own. It does take a different kind of bike rider to own a fat bike. First off, you have to ride in winter, not just a cold day, in full on winter. If you think about it that cuts the number of riders already in half right there. I’ve been riding straight thru winter for 11 years. Its nothing new to me and I have a ton of good winter clothing.

And you have to have a little bit of “expedition” in your blood. I used that term yesterday and it really applies to any type of outside adventure. Before you spend that money to ride a fat bike where you have never rode a bike before you have to want to do that. I talk to people in the store and I can tell they have no desire to ride a bike in the woods in the winter. You need to be the kind of person that wants to expand the boundaries. And if your not that does not make you weird.

Also you have to want the feeling. The first time feeling.

Every spring when things first dry up I take my first MTB ride in the woods. And you cant slap the smile off my face. Its been a long time since I ripped around on a MTB on dry dirt but every spring, to me, it feels like the first time again. I love that feeling. In fact the fatbike kinda intensifies that feeling having been on such fat tires all winter, then switch to some carbon skinny tire (in comparison) rocket. And I get that same feeling just one more time in fall on a fatbike when I hit the snow trails every fall\winter for the first time. In fact, I have yet to hit a good groomed trail and I cant wait. That first time feeling for me is right around the corner. Even knowing that makes me feel good.

I think everyone has their own little reason to ride a bike. And I think we all should just keep most of that to ourselves. Save a little of that just for yourself. When your doing something on a bike for the first time. Or first time in a long time.

And if you personally do not have a reason to ride a bike with big fat tires, thats just fine.

I do, and maybe that makes me weird.

Have a good weekend. Get outside. I know I will. Saturday group ride should be strong with warmer temps. A road ride but a ride none the less.


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