Sunday Morn

With the Holiday its kinda like posting about a weekend after a weekend.

I was pretty busy yesterday and simply forgot to post something. But no biggie. Sometimes I do need a small break to let more things happen to me to post about. Sadly or thankfully, nothing else happened. So…

Saturday’s group ride was uneventful for me.  Sadly, I was alone in the store so I had to flippit (turn around) after just 45min into the ride. Back to the store by 10am to open. It was a busy day for sure. I was thankful for that.

But sadly it was very nice out and I really wanted to keep going. Deep down I was feeling a long ride was possible. It was 35 degrees with a ton of sun. Very pleasant riding. A ton of clothing not needed. It was nice to not have to wear everything I own to stay warm. But was thankful I could get out for as long as I could. I timed it pretty close getting back to the store with 10 min to spare.

So Sunday I was kinda planning for a longer ride on the Trucker. Minimum 40 miles. I had a few things to do Sunday but was thankful I had the entire morning to ride. Sadly, the weather was very gloomy. The temps were close to the same but absolutely no sun and that made a huge difference. I did get out but it was no more than 20 miles. I wore the same set up as the day before and I was cold. But I was thankful for the ride none the less.

Monday Morn

 So combine both rides and its about 40 miles last weekend. The entire saddle time on the road, on the Trucker. Was just too warm for the fatbike as Im sure the beach was pretty soft and the woods a bit muddy. Sadly, what little snow we had is gone. And not much in the 10 day either.

Which fuels thoughts of heading north for a day. Drive up to the snow for some quick skiing or biking. Definitely in my head but on the back burner.

Yesterday I did see a slew of ships passing thru. And I was alone in the park. That time of year.

Tonite is the Tues nite ride and Im thankful to have started that up again. Its been well attended so far. Todays moderate temps should bring out a few more bikes. Sadly, the lack of snow keeps us off the ski’s, but thankful that we can keep riding in the woods until that time.

Unless you have a fat bike. Then its beyond that time. If you ride as much as I do (or more) sooner or later you will have one of those things.



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