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Another Year

4 degrees this morn. Steam on the big lake. Still feeling under the weather. Not so sure about the nite ride tonite. Temps could get close to below zero by rides end. I might just pull the plug on that one the way I feel.

845am. 4 degrees

I hate to ditch rides I call out. But one just has to when circumstances call for it. But who knows, 101 fever and low single digits temps at nite and Im still dumb enough to do it. Maybe just a real short ride. Its been a long time since I rode the fat bike and I really want to ride it. The last time was two weeks ago when I flatted on the beach.

The temp swing here is nuts! Last week Tuesday the nite ride was cancelled as the temps were in the 40’s (at nite) and raining. This week its going to be maybe 2 or 3 at ride time. It was near 50 on Saturday, just three days ago. About a 45 degree swing between now and then. Still not a lick of snow on the ground. Heading into January. Thats nuts.

I had a ton of elaborate plans running thru my head for tomorrow and Thursday since Im closed. Looks like between the super cold temps and me feeling crappy will have me doing nothing anyway. I don’t do a lot on New Years Eve anymore. Will maybe go see a movie with a million other people. Im pretty boring. Never been much of a party kind of guy.

If I do ride tonite Im trying out a new product. Well, new to me anyway. I never get cold hands so Ive never needed to use Bar Mitts but Im going to try them out. The theory is Bar MItts and lighter gloves. And that theory is a lighter glove will help with all the controls on the bar. I have small hands. Not like elf small but short fingers. I still wear a large glove to fit my palms but then the fingers are so long I have a harder time working the brake\shifter with heavy winter gloves.

So adding a bar mitt will allow me to use a smaller, thinner glove. So if I ride tonite, at single digit temps, I will wear a glove that I would normally wear in the 30’s. And we will see what happens.

Theres the issue with having your hands somewhat “attached” to the bars. Im not so sure that will be an issue. Ive just never used them before because my hands never get cold. So I’ll try them out if I ride tonite. Seems like a good time to see what they can do for me. If my hands stay warm with the lighter gloves they are in. If they get cold and I have to wear a thicker glove anyway they are out.

I’ll let you know Friday as Im not going to be in this store for two days in a row. I cant remember the last time that happened. Once in Sept. Maybe twice this summer.

Have a great New Year.


Post Holidays

Weekend report: Saturdays ride was wet but manageable. I rode the Trucker with full fenders. Only 5 of us. It was pretty wet but kinda warm too. It was a very nice 2 hours despite the weather. Man I wish it was snow and not rain.

Sunday however, I woke up feeling pretty crappy. Flu like stuff. Fever and all around aches. And that has carried into today. I did not leave the house at all yesterday. And I was bummed as the sun was out all day for the first time in forever. Sunny this morn also. Temps have plummeted and tonite may be single digits. About time.

I might miss the nite ride tomorrow if my temp does not go down. Will see.

Camping equipment?

Its the week between the Holidays. Normally very busy with rentals but the lack of snow has ditched that. As I stated earlier this is the slow time but not without work to do. Its time to spruce up the store, maybe a little painting and cleaning. This off season Im working on out big storage room upstairs. Its pretty much unfinished and the drywall needs to be taped, textured and painted. It also need flooring. Im hiring out for the drywall work but will do the flooring myself. When done I could gain 800 sq feet of floorspace if I need it.

Also, its time to evaluate or re evaluate everything. What’s been on the floor all summer. What do I want to get rid of and what do I need to pre order more of this spring. I have an awesome but expensive point of sale software that pretty much tells me that stuff.

Its also time to think about new product. I think about it all the time. Ive been thinking about camping equipment. Tents and such. That would go along with a bike touring theme for sure but still is quite a niche. Kayaks? Im right on a river. That would make sense I think.

But Im really looking into something completely different. Something that would bring in a non biking person. Some other bike related product would be easy but those people already walk in. I want to bring in another kind of person. Maybe food? I need to diversify.

My original thought for the upstairs room was a spin\yoga studio. That would make some sense. But to invest in spin bikes or something like a computrainer would take too long to recoup the investment.

I have a month to think about it. Not a lot longer.


Christmas (its Friday)

915am Look up. What the hell is that thing?

 Strange to wake up alone on Christmas day. Work schedules has our family first getting together late afternoon.

Strange to wake up this morning with the sun shining. Pretty much the first time in 17 days.

First, Christmas day was a bit weird. As stated, woke up alone in the house. Eerily quiet. So I grabbed my cross bike and headed out for about an hour and a half. I can’t remember the last time I was out of the house on Christmas morning. Its been many years. On my ride I was surprised to see quite a few others roaming around. It was 40 degrees. Lots of people in the park too. Way more than I would have guessed. A very nice easy hour and a half. Along with the hour and a half on Xmas Eve Im up to 3 hours this week. I was shooting for 10 by Sunday but I’ll settle for 8. If its not raining tomorrow I’ll get 3 in before the store opens. That will leave a easy 2 for Sunday.

Later in the afternoon family came over and a good time was had by all. I don’t get much for Xmas. Me and my wife do not exchange. But the kids get me a gift card ¬†and this year its from our local movie theater so it looks like I have some movies to go to. Its something I would not get myself so very nice to receive it.

Another weird morning today. I woke up to sun shining thru my window. I always leave the shades up just in case something like this happens. Its been forever since the sun woke me up and I jumped out of bed, got my shit together and was out the door in seconds. Grabbed my coffee and headed to the park.

As expected on a sunny, warm 40 degree December 26th morning there were a million people out. The sun was so warm I could walk on the beach in a t shirt. Hard to believe January is less than a week away.

And just for a second, just a second mind you, I enjoyed the lack of winter walking on the beach. No thoughts of snow or cold. Visions of living farther south. I was thinking I could get used to this under other circumstances. Then, as soon as it came, those thought left. I really want winter. I like winter. I have a fatbike. I have ski’s. I want snow.

Today I have made an executive decision and will close on New years Eve along with day. No ski or snowshoe rentals going on so I will close the extra day and drive north until I have some snow to play in. Stay a nite somewhere and play some more in the morning, then drive back to my mom’s in Green Bay for a visit on New Years Day.

I forget thats its Friday. Tomorrow will be the group ride. Mild temps will keep me on the road for sure. Maybe skip breakfast with the group to add some miles. I sure could use some miles.

Have a great weekend.


Christmas Eve

Just got back from a nice ride. An hour and a half on the cross bike. 7 or 8 bikes on the ride but I had to “flippit” and return to open the store. The others continued on. Only open four hours today. Then of course not back to store till Friday.

First off, hope everyone has a great Holiday.

I’ll be with family tonite and tomorrow afternoon.

But I cant help but be a little depressed as its officially a brown Christmas. Some of the grass is even still green. Not much of a winter. Maybe the lack of snow doesn’t affect others but it does me. Its just hard to get in the swing of things for the Holidays with no snow. Yesterday it was 40 degrees. Todays ride was at 35. Calling for some rain this afternoon and maybe a dusting of snow if it gets cold enough tonite.

How terrible would it be to wake up on Christmas morning to rain.

But…. nothing you can do about the weather expect complain and that changes nothing. So roll with it. I’ll try and get out on a bike in the morning again. With our festivities starting in the afternoon tomorrow could be the first time Ive been on a bike on Christmas morning ever.

So I’ll do it for real. Have a nice Christmas.