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6 Degree Friday Morn

20141121_081814[1]So this morn I decided to grab a quick ride. Actually I decided that yesterday afternoon. I thought it would be nice to ride somewhere else so I picked a trail system about 45 minutes from my house\store.

Then, later after I got home from work I saw it was going to be cold. Like low of 5.  I thought about ditching but did not.

Nice ride. Slow but nice. I was not cold at all so Im dialing in the winter garb. I got a bunch of new Endura stuff Im using. My current base layer was 12 years old. Replaced with a new wool one from Endura. Very nice. In fact all of my top layers are over 10 years old. So I thought I would just replace everything except my jacket.

So when its cold I wear 3 layers plus the jacket. It seems to be working fine. But just as I get this shit figured out, the cold leaves. Today I rode a 6 degrees. Tomorrows group ride will be 35. What the hell. Now what do I wear? How much do I take off? Not sure. Im sure I will screw that up and suffer.

I’ll have to mention this again. The Lazer winter helmet I am using is about the nicest winter upgrade from last year. Its a nice addition and takes the guesswork out of how much head garb to put on. Even today at 6 degrees I put on my thinnest head thinDSCN4260gie underneath. Toasty warm ears and all. In fact tomorrows ride I wont even wear it. 35 is just too warm for that.

The weekend looks kinda tragic on paper as the temps are going to rise to almost 45 on Sunday with an all day rain. Any snow or even frost on the ground will leave. Bummer. Some of the groomed trails up north are in jeopardy also. Although they will not as warm as us.

Thats been kinda a recurring pattern in weather. A high pressure moves in and its clear and cold, The a low pressure system comes in and it warms over the freezing mark, rains, then the rain moves out and back to cold.

Some of that is due to the lake. It keeps us warmer in winter and that keeps the precipitation happening above freezing. I sound like a flippin meteorologist. Ive been on the National Weather Service web site too much.

So we will see what the weekend brings.Im glad I rode a bit this morn cuz there’s a chance of a shutout.

I hope not.


More Fat Bike Ranting


Not too much on todays plate. No bike rides.

Today Im having a few 9zero7 fat bikes frames shipped. With the sell out of Treks Farley I once again need to rely on other companies to pull thru. Felt has two levels of fatbike. Im getting two of the lower level builds and none of the nicer models as they are sold out before they hit the shore. And those lower end bikes will not be here until late December.

Sure, I can get a few Surlys in but Im just dont think the heavy steel frames are the way to go anymore. I do think the Ice Cream Truck is a nice bike. But with retail at $2700 its only a couple hundred bucks off the Farley 8 that has X1 and a Bluto. And 5 pounds lighter. But that is pretty much a mute point when you cant get them anymore.

So again, here we are in the middle of the fat bike season with very little stock to sell. So Im building up two 9zero7’s for the floor. Nice builds. Close to the Farley 6 specs. And better yet, these bikes are 190 rear and 150 front hub spacing. Perfect. Thats the way all of these bikes should be.

In fact, Im going to get another carbon 9zero7 Whiteout just like the one I had last year for me. Sell my Farley 8 and vow to never ride a fatbike personally that is not 190\150.

Imagine being able to swap wheels between bikes. As far as carbon wheels go, I refuse to build up a set today that won’t fit my bike next year. So if Treks Farley stays 170 rear, which would be sad cuz I love the bike, Im on something else thats 190\197 12m thru axle rear and 150 in front. Done and done.

Besides getting the hub spacing figured out some of these companies need to get their production numbers in line with demand. In the big picture these bikes are small potatoes but it seems Trek could have doubles their numbers and sold. But you know why the number were so small this year? Is it because the next one is a super duper carbon framed Bluto forked 190 rear beauty? I hope so….

Thats my dream today.



Nite Ride\Need snow

650pm last nite

Fairly awesome ride last nite. It was cold. I dressed warm. Four of us (3 fat and 1 mtb) headed back to the beach that was frozen solid. Once again stopped at the picture tree. That tree (or branch) is getting pretty famous having taken many pictures there already. We should be riding past that thing all winter unless a big storm comes and takes it away.

Not sure how long the Tues nite rides will continue. In the past it was until too much snow kicked us out of the woods. But that was before fatbikes. So we will see. The attendance is cut in half just based on temp tho. All the roadies go home when the real cold sets in. But thats where the fat bike season starts. A wonderful time of the year.

Its snowing pretty good outside right now. Maybe a inch in the last hour. But thats going to blow over before any real accumulation. All for naught as its going to be 40+ degrees and rain in a few days.

It seems we are always on the southern edge of the main snow band. Just a few hours north and your skiing. When it snows there its raining here. Big snow up there. Crappy rain here. Divided by less that 200 miles. Its not fair.

One would think that somehow that magic line could slip a bit south now and then. But is does not. Very frustrating.

So with the entire northern half of the State knee deep (literally) in snow sports we still see grass. And wait patiently. All it takes is one nite. Bring it. Please.

With Thanksgiving about a week away the Xmas shoppers are starting to trickle in. Some ski sales too. It seems the store survives yet another slow fall season. Its nice to see it come out of hibernation. And again, need some snow.

Again, bring it.


8 plus

810am 8 degrees

Records are and will fall today. Last nite low of 8 degrees was a record. Todays high will not hit 20. That will be a record. So far the cold is picking up where it left off last year. Not giving us a lot of time to get acclimated to it.

Personally I don’t mind. Im still outside regardless. Todays pic was taken in the park of course. And at 8 degrees I was the only one there. On the beach. Wearing shorts. First time alone for this winter. Soon (hopefully) I will be grooming ski trails there. No real snow in the 10 day. Actually a lot warmer by weekend.


Its crazy how fast the ice forms at waters edge. That stuff was not there Sunday. And this has got to be the earliest Ive seen ice form on the shore. Not that I have any exact dates in my head. But still, its very cold out for Nov for sure.

However, I see 40’s and rain by the weekend. So Im convinced full on winter is not here quite yet. But this weather sure makes you get ready for it. Its just crazy how much snow the northern part of the State and the U.P. has. Talking to the guys up in Marquette they cant keep up. Another 8 inches last nite. Still grass here.

As you see by the pic a little cold does not bother us much. But tonight’s nite ride will be a test. Looking at close to single digits at 630pm ride time. With no sun of course. That will test the best of us. I plan on wearing every piece of winter clothing I own.

I’ll have my new winter helmet even tho I cant mount a light on it. Not enough vents on top. So I’ll just put both lights on my bar for this one. Not sure how long we will be out there. I’ll be happy with an hour. I will have the fat bike for this one. Tell ya about it tomorrow.