Day After T day

945 Thursday

Had a good Holiday. Got out for a nice beach ride in the morn. Temps in the 20’s but the sun was softening the sand pretty quick. The surf was up and did not leave a lot of room for riding. But it was easy with a fatbike. Good thing I had one.

About an hour on the beach and then it was home to eat with the fam. I think I did a pretty good job at not over doing it at the diner table. Pretty happy about that. In the past I always had some nice quiet rides on Turkey Day. Usually riding to town to watch friends run in the local Turkey Trot.

I remember this one two years ago. It was 60 degrees.

Since black Friday now starts Thursday nite several of my family members had to work so we ate much earlier than usual and that opened a time slot to make the annual turkey day nite ride. Over the years Ive missed this one cuz we ate at 5pm. Too late to ditch for a bike ride later. But this year everyone was out of the house before 7pm and I had the chance. But bailed at the last minute. Single digit temps (7) and a 40 minute drive to and from just did not appeal to me as the ride started at 8pm. Just did not feel like doing all that driving for such a short ride that it was going to be. With winter here early Im not sure how many riders would have been there anyway.

The temps have been crazy of late. Last week Friday I rode in the morn at 6 degrees, the next day at the same time it was 34. Last nite was 7, today about 32 and tomorrow near 40 at group ride time. My clothing bag is over full with every clotDSCN4355hing combo you can think of. I never good at this stuff. Im either hot or cold.

Ive come to a decision. A fat bike decision

Mostly cuz I was thinking the wrong way. When I got my Farley 8 I was a little upset that I could not run 29+. I love 29+. Its a ton of fun in the summer. So I was planning to sell the Farley maybe late December and get another 9zero7 carbon frame Whiteout. Put a Bluto fork on it and then bring on the 29+ wheelset. That bike has 190 rear spacing. I told people Im only going to ride bikes with 190 rear. So easy to set up as far as driveline and rim\tire combo. AND you can run 29+ all day if you like.

Well, that is true. But the reason the Farley 8 or 6 cant run a 29+ is not the hub width. Its the chainstay length. The Treks have a very short chainstay and the 29+ wheel which is like a 31’er hits the seat post. Thing is, I like the short chain stay. The bike is so nimble. Easy to flick around in single track. Very fun to ride. So if I want to go 29+ I need to ride a bike with a longer seat stay and Im not sure I want that. I think I’ll keep the Farley a little longer now.

I’ll never run a 100 mil rim so do care about 190 vs 170? Maybe not. Maybe its the shorter chain stay I need to keep in mind. Thus changing up my thoughts on this entirely. Maybe its back to the drawing board with my wheel building.

I say this now and next year they are 190m rear hub. Then I start this all over again. I guess I should just live in the now.


Wa da ya think?

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