Love the Nite

745pm Tuesday

Another successful nite ride. As expected the bike count is dropping considerably since winter has arrived. 6 bikes with 4 being fat. Thats me on the green fattie.

It felt awesome to ride in snow again. The trails were near perfect and the snow trees had the ride look and feel surreal. It had me thinking about all the groomed trails Im going to ride this winter. I plan on hitting several trails systems…

Riding single track thru the woods with all the trees covered in snow was amazing at nite. Almost every one us us stated that we should have had out GoPros with us. Just one of those rides where you had a smile the entire ride. So beautiful and hard to describe without footage.

Moving on. What to do tomorrow with the Holiday? I have the morning so I just might grab the Trucker and go for a ride. Or the fatbike and hit the beach. Either would be fine by me. I need to get home by noon as we have all the kids and grandkids over to eat. For us its early this year at 1pm. That just might leave me some time to attend the annual nite ride every Thanksgiving. Usually we don’t eat till 5pm but this year’s early meal opens that riding window up quite a bit.

Nite ride or no nite ride I’ll still have a nice relaxing day with the Fam.

And I hope you do to. Talk Friday (Black Friday) And no, Im not opening at 4am.


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