Change of Pace


The first real snow. The landscape changes. Its like you see it for the first time. Its not 4 to 6 inches like the weather dudes said, it more like 1 to 2 like Johndee said.

But its snow none the less. Snow that will melt within a few days. But again snow none the less. The pic above is a file foto I have from the park. I have about a million snow tree pics and really dont need to take anymore. But it looks like that now. Everything looks20141125_090858[1] different and I like different. Not enough to start grooming the ski trail yet but I would start rolling in the base sooner than later if I had the chance.

Im seeing more and more ships in the morning. They have switched to our side of the lake to finish off the shipping season and I’ll see more and more as time rolls on. This ship is the US Great Republic. I have not seen it for several years as it hangs out in other lakes. And last time I saw it it was black, now painted red. This pic is once again with my phone. Im still looking at better cameras…

Here’s some info on it.

Tonite is the weekly Tuesday Nite ride. Last week it was on the beach but tonite its back in the woods. Fresh snow should make it a good fatbike ride but there will be plenty of MTBs still. Until the snow gets deep anyway. Moderate temps in the 20’s will make this a pleasant ride. Last week was 12 degrees.

Should be way more than the 4 bikes we had last week. Hopefully enough bikes for a slow and a fast group. Im looking forward to it. I’ll let you know how that go’s.


Wa da ya think?

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