6 Degree Friday Morn

20141121_081814[1]So this morn I decided to grab a quick ride. Actually I decided that yesterday afternoon. I thought it would be nice to ride somewhere else so I picked a trail system about 45 minutes from my house\store.

Then, later after I got home from work I saw it was going to be cold. Like low of 5.  I thought about ditching but did not.

Nice ride. Slow but nice. I was not cold at all so Im dialing in the winter garb. I got a bunch of new Endura stuff Im using. My current base layer was 12 years old. Replaced with a new wool one from Endura. Very nice. In fact all of my top layers are over 10 years old. So I thought I would just replace everything except my jacket.

So when its cold I wear 3 layers plus the jacket. It seems to be working fine. But just as I get this shit figured out, the cold leaves. Today I rode a 6 degrees. Tomorrows group ride will be 35. What the hell. Now what do I wear? How much do I take off? Not sure. Im sure I will screw that up and suffer.

I’ll have to mention this again. The Lazer winter helmet I am using is about the nicest winter upgrade from last year. Its a nice addition and takes the guesswork out of how much head garb to put on. Even today at 6 degrees I put on my thinnest head thinDSCN4260gie underneath. Toasty warm ears and all. In fact tomorrows ride I wont even wear it. 35 is just too warm for that.

The weekend looks kinda tragic on paper as the temps are going to rise to almost 45 on Sunday with an all day rain. Any snow or even frost on the ground will leave. Bummer. Some of the groomed trails up north are in jeopardy also. Although they will not as warm as us.

Thats been kinda a recurring pattern in weather. A high pressure moves in and its clear and cold, The a low pressure system comes in and it warms over the freezing mark, rains, then the rain moves out and back to cold.

Some of that is due to the lake. It keeps us warmer in winter and that keeps the precipitation happening above freezing. I sound like a flippin meteorologist. Ive been on the National Weather Service web site too much.

So we will see what the weekend brings.Im glad I rode a bit this morn cuz there’s a chance of a shutout.

I hope not.


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