More Fat Bike Ranting


Not too much on todays plate. No bike rides.

Today Im having a few 9zero7 fat bikes frames shipped. With the sell out of Treks Farley I once again need to rely on other companies to pull thru. Felt has two levels of fatbike. Im getting two of the lower level builds and none of the nicer models as they are sold out before they hit the shore. And those lower end bikes will not be here until late December.

Sure, I can get a few Surlys in but Im just dont think the heavy steel frames are the way to go anymore. I do think the Ice Cream Truck is a nice bike. But with retail at $2700 its only a couple hundred bucks off the Farley 8 that has X1 and a Bluto. And 5 pounds lighter. But that is pretty much a mute point when you cant get them anymore.

So again, here we are in the middle of the fat bike season with very little stock to sell. So Im building up two 9zero7’s for the floor. Nice builds. Close to the Farley 6 specs. And better yet, these bikes are 190 rear and 150 front hub spacing. Perfect. Thats the way all of these bikes should be.

In fact, Im going to get another carbon 9zero7 Whiteout just like the one I had last year for me. Sell my Farley 8 and vow to never ride a fatbike personally that is not 190\150.

Imagine being able to swap wheels between bikes. As far as carbon wheels go, I refuse to build up a set today that won’t fit my bike next year. So if Treks Farley stays 170 rear, which would be sad cuz I love the bike, Im on something else thats 190\197 12m thru axle rear and 150 in front. Done and done.

Besides getting the hub spacing figured out some of these companies need to get their production numbers in line with demand. In the big picture these bikes are small potatoes but it seems Trek could have doubles their numbers and sold. But you know why the number were so small this year? Is it because the next one is a super duper carbon framed Bluto forked 190 rear beauty? I hope so….

Thats my dream today.



Wa da ya think?

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