Nite Ride\Need snow

650pm last nite

Fairly awesome ride last nite. It was cold. I dressed warm. Four of us (3 fat and 1 mtb) headed back to the beach that was frozen solid. Once again stopped at the picture tree. That tree (or branch) is getting pretty famous having taken many pictures there already. We should be riding past that thing all winter unless a big storm comes and takes it away.

Not sure how long the Tues nite rides will continue. In the past it was until too much snow kicked us out of the woods. But that was before fatbikes. So we will see. The attendance is cut in half just based on temp tho. All the roadies go home when the real cold sets in. But thats where the fat bike season starts. A wonderful time of the year.

Its snowing pretty good outside right now. Maybe a inch in the last hour. But thats going to blow over before any real accumulation. All for naught as its going to be 40+ degrees and rain in a few days.

It seems we are always on the southern edge of the main snow band. Just a few hours north and your skiing. When it snows there its raining here. Big snow up there. Crappy rain here. Divided by less that 200 miles. Its not fair.

One would think that somehow that magic line could slip a bit south now and then. But is does not. Very frustrating.

So with the entire northern half of the State knee deep (literally) in snow sports we still see grass. And wait patiently. All it takes is one nite. Bring it. Please.

With Thanksgiving about a week away the Xmas shoppers are starting to trickle in. Some ski sales too. It seems the store survives yet another slow fall season. Its nice to see it come out of hibernation. And again, need some snow.

Again, bring it.


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