8 plus

810am 8 degrees

Records are and will fall today. Last nite low of 8 degrees was a record. Todays high will not hit 20. That will be a record. So far the cold is picking up where it left off last year. Not giving us a lot of time to get acclimated to it.

Personally I don’t mind. Im still outside regardless. Todays pic was taken in the park of course. And at 8 degrees I was the only one there. On the beach. Wearing shorts. First time alone for this winter. Soon (hopefully) I will be grooming ski trails there. No real snow in the 10 day. Actually a lot warmer by weekend.


Its crazy how fast the ice forms at waters edge. That stuff was not there Sunday. And this has got to be the earliest Ive seen ice form on the shore. Not that I have any exact dates in my head. But still, its very cold out for Nov for sure.

However, I see 40’s and rain by the weekend. So Im convinced full on winter is not here quite yet. But this weather sure makes you get ready for it. Its just crazy how much snow the northern part of the State and the U.P. has. Talking to the guys up in Marquette they cant keep up. Another 8 inches last nite. Still grass here.

As you see by the pic a little cold does not bother us much. But tonight’s nite ride will be a test. Looking at close to single digits at 630pm ride time. With no sun of course. That will test the best of us. I plan on wearing every piece of winter clothing I own.

I’ll have my new winter helmet even tho I cant mount a light on it. Not enough vents on top. So I’ll just put both lights on my bar for this one. Not sure how long we will be out there. I’ll be happy with an hour. I will have the fat bike for this one. Tell ya about it tomorrow.


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