Sundays ride. Same tree, different day.

The weekend was a nice one. A good three hour ride Saturday morn. Got some beach in but its not as fun as with the fat bike. In the past we have had a ton of beach to ride on but water levels have been up in big ol’ Lake Michigan and the amount of rideable beach is down 80%. The sweet spot for MTB riding is very small. With a fatbike, like on Sundays ride, beach position is not as big of a deal. In fact the sand was getting pretty soft on Sunday. Temps nearing 30 with sun. The sand warms quickly.

That was not the case on Saturday morn. Temps around 12 degrees had the group a bit smaller but all the “core” riders were there. At 12 degrees the beach was rock hard in spots, but again with the loss of real estate was slow going. In the past we had a 20 yard wide smooth as cement sweet spot and the group pelotoned down the beach at 20mph.

Now its more like single track. You pick you way along the waters edge. And no way would a fatbike work on these Saturday rides. Case in point had us riding the road back to town. About 15 miles. Fatbikes would suck for that.

Like I mentioned Friday I ride my Surly Trucker tour bike stripped down of its racks and bags. The frame has a 26in wheel so I put a 2in MTB tire on it for winter. And that works good for the beach if its froze. If Saturdays conditions were like Sunday it would be no go on the beach for me.

But it was a good ride with the guys on Saturday. Put in a couple of intervals to help out with the fitness.

Sunday a bunch of us fatbikers hit the beach. Most of us dressed like we did the day before and suffered. I was surprised to dress correctly on Saturday for the 12 degrees but dressed the same on Sunday and suffered. It takes me a few times to figure it out.

Next ride planned is tomorrow nite and it might be single digits. What to wear?


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