Frozen Beach


No post yesterday. With the temps around 20 yesterday morn (18 today!) I grabbed the fatbike and headed to the beach for my first full on winter beach ride. The sand at waters edge was rock hard. No fatbike needed. In fact tomorrows group ride might just ride the same beach with MTB’s and even a few cross bikes.

More on that later. The first beach ride of the winter is surreal. It feels like the first time. I get that feeling on my first MTB ride of the summer too. I like that feeling. For the most part frozen beach rides are with the group, but when your solo you can take your time and explore. And the shores of Lake Michigan is usually full of surprises. Little trinkets from who knows where. Maybe from the other side? Some cool shells too.

It was 22 degrees at ride time but the sun was out which made it a most pleasant ride. I wore my Lazer winter helmet for the first timDSCN4260e. I had my smallest, thinnest head gear on under and at 22 degrees I was hot. I give that helmet a thumbs up and cant wait till it get real cold. Just no more issues. In fact I’ll have to look for new thinner headgear to wear. Most of my balaclava’s now are too thick.

I also have to say the Bluto fork still came into play. Remember at first I was skeptical. But of course riding like a MTB for the last two months had the fork at an advantage to rigid. Still, I thought its just not needed on groomed snow trails and maybe that still the case but Ive been riding the bike since mid Sept and its been useful for sure.

Happy to have suspension on my first “fatbike” ride was nice. Still not in snow, or groomed snow for the matter, but for all you weight weenies the fork is worth it weight. If your on the fence just do it.

So the group ride might be on the beach in the morn. Im parking my cross bike for the year and out comes the full on winter bike. This time of year I tear down my Surly Trucker tour bike, throw some 2in tires in the 26in wheels and ride. A fatbike just wont work for me on the group ride. Many rides may just be all road and one would not keep up with a fattie. It would rule on the beach but thats only 20% of the ride on Saturday morn. So today I’ll take that tour bike up to the shop (upstairs) and get it ready for winter mode. Sadly, I never even sat on it this summer.

Looks like I’ll be on the group ride Saturday, and maybe the first on many “Sheboygan County Fatbike Society” rides Sunday.

My plans to hit up Marquette this weekend did not turn out. And I have not heard what the conditions are up there yet anyway. Some other weekend. Still, sooner than later. Have a good weekend.


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