A Dream


Another awesome pic from my phone today. 21 degrees this morn has all the puddles froze over for the first time this season. Tons of snow in northern Wisco. Many ski systems open by the weekend. Talking with people in Marquette saying the sno bike trail could be open by the weekend. That has me thinking of a quick run up there. Maybe even a one day journey which is nuts cuz its a four hour drive. 8 hours of driving to three or so hours of riding. But that the hell. What else do I have to do. Maybe head up Saturday nite to ride Sunday. Breaking up the driving with a hotel stay would not be the worse thing I guess.

Tues nite 630pm

Last nite was our weekly Tuesday nite ride. Plummeting temps had only the most hearty show up. About half the group with 6 bikes. And 5 of those were fatbikes.

But what a blast. As I mentioned before, this ride was kinda dead for a few years but now revived. Its been 5 years since I did this. After 4 or 5 of these ride I wonder why I stopped and hope it continues thru the winter with the fatbikes.

Currently I has a few of the guys asking to purchase lights but most distributors  are out of the good ones. The 800+ lumen helmet mount lights. Im cleaned out here too.

Its getting close to fatbike only season with the northern part of the State ramping up the sno trails. And here the freezing temps start separating the fall riders from the winter ones. And 80% of the winter ones are now exclusively on fatbikes. Very nice.

Today I will recive my last Trek fatbike for the season.  A Farley 8 15in frame. And thats it, no more. Talking to my Felt rep Im getting two of the lower end fatbikes(one is already sold) and none of the high end. The Felt Dub 30 is not only sold out before it gets here, its over allocated. So they have sold more than they made. My only chance at one is if another dealer gives one back, and then Im on a long list with that.

9zero7 has carbon frames shipping as we speak. I have one coming. Their Aluminum frames will ship in a few weeks. I have two coming.

Once again, here we are in November and bikes are scarce. Right now I have two bikes sold that Im scrambling to get. If I had more on the floor I could have sold those. Its kinda crazy how some companies miss the mark on production. By a mile. Im pretty sure Trek could have increased the Farly 6 production by 50% and still sold out by spring.

This scenario is hard on a dealer. I trust my bike companies to have bikes when I sell bikes. Having a customer wanting to buy and I cant sell is a terrible feeling as a store owner. Limiting your sales. Bad scenario because some dealer, somewhere, most likely has the bike on the floor.

Anyway, I’ll stop complaining but I will say the fatbike thing is a very hard nitch to specialize in. Between the crappy availability of bikes and parts for that matter, and all the stupid hub sizes (don’t get me started) its a headache.

But they are awesome bikes to ride and I have a dream. A dream that almost all fat bikes find a standard hub size (150 front\190 rear) and the manufactures make enough bikes that you dont have to scramble every fall to get them. Parts, wheels and components are available as you need them so you dont need to order 10 of something when you only really need 5.

The bigger stores and store chains are able to order this stuff in bulk, Bikes included. If I could I would order 15 Trek fatbikes in July but for a store my size thats just not possible. Well over half of that order would be gone already. But again, just dont have the resources to buy then, and store till Oct.

Well, I did say I would stop complaining a paragraph ago. And I do have some nice bikes\frames coming. More than likely I am going to sell my Farley 8 (19in frame) and build the carbon 9zero7 for me. I liked the one I had last year.

Carbon frame, Bluto fork and carbon rims. That sound like a nice bike!


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