Lake Issues

Another gloomy day. Solid rain predicted all day long, right up to ride time for the Tues nite ride. I’ll be making a last minute call on that one. I was hoping for snow to ride on. Denied.

As predicted, northern Wisco is getting dumped on. Several ski systems are reporting the groomers are out. But I wonder how good its going to be so early in the year. The ground in not that frozen if at all. There still is a chance of 40 degree temps yet this month. Im assuming the groomers are doing nothing but laying down base right now but ABR up in the UP says it might open by tomorrow. Thats crazy.

Here its just rain. In fact with Sheboygan kinda hanging out a bit farther over the lake than most lakeside communities give us our own weather system. Its well know that the lake keeps us cooler (colder) in the spring. But this time of year it keeps us  a bit warmer. Both scenarios are detrimental.

Marquette ,MI last nite.

Its obvious in spring we freeze out ass off. Seemingly wearing cold weather clothing when we ride till the end of June. But in the winter when all others are getting snow, we get rain. Right here by the store we have yet to see anything that resembles white. Yet just 10 miles off shore there has been several ground coverings.

Just 100 miles north its snowing almost a foot. Here the grass is still green.

Apply that scenario to a bike\ski shop and you can understand my frustration. But, its nothing I can change so I roll with it as best I can. Deal with it.

I had my first customer in yesterday looking for ski’s. Also the first pair of ski’s to wax.  Thats a good sign.

So this week will be full on off bikes and on to winter stuff in the store. Bike stuff put in background, ski’s and snowshoes put in foreground. Lets do winter and soon!


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