Sunk and Group Split.

Its Sunday and Im not riding. I could have but the cold and rain will keep me in today. Instead I took a ride out to the park today to scout out ski trail. It was a good visit as I saw two eagles hanging out in the park, and a big ship sailing past. When you read this on Monday it will be the 39th anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. My (kinda) new hobby of big ships on the Great Lakes includes a ton of info gathering in this event. Lots of online info….

Of course, with my new found time I went to the store today, and thats where Im typing from at 11am on Sunday. Since Im here I got a little work done. Accounting stuff is so much easier to do when I can blast tunes. And thats what I did for a few hours.

Saturdays group ride was bit strange. Lately the group splits to ride on some private land that had been deemed off limits. We have rode in these woods for years but the owner has expressed to us he no longer wants us to. So some of us respect that and some don’t.

So the group splits in half at that point.  And Saturday the woods group got caught and asked to leave. So maybe that will stop now.

And then, the group splits up again on the way home. Some (same half) take some private gravel roads, across again some private land, and into the back side of the park by jumping a fence. Riding in the park where you cant be with a bike. And for the second time that day they got caught and asked to leave. By a park ranger this time.

Busted twice in one day for riding where they should not is pretty much where I draw the line of being quiet about it. I will have nothing to do with that shit. And Im not alone in the group with that.

That said, in the past I have rode the same path that they did. Ive done what they have done. But the difference here is that when I found out or realize that we should not do that I stopped. I just have too much respect for other peoples property. Yes, I understand those riders response of ” we are not hurting anything”. Just riding bikes. But thats not the issue here. The people who own that property do not want us crossing it. And have asked us nicely several times not to.

Its a bummer we cant ride there but thats life. If it makes the ride a bit boring then so be it.

I hope those guys (several will read this) understand they are not doing us any good by getting busted riding where they should not. And I hope that they stop and the group will stay together as its intended to do. Moving on.

On to a gloomy Monday morn. In a few days the temps will plummet and pretty much not return back to the 40’s a whole lot anymore. Up in northern Wisco a major storm will hit tomorrow. Up to a foot of snow for those guys. And here we sit just 100 miles to the south with nothing but rain. Not fair. Its so frustrating when you are constantly on the wrong side of the snow\rain border.

This time of year I look at the National Weather Service website. Type in your city and bookmark that one. Ive learned a bit to read the graphs and charts. This is the same stuff the TV meteorologists look at. And I can get it wrong just as easy as they do. But this stuff is about as accurate as it comes. At least for the 10 day. I look at it every morning. Looking for snow. We will miss out on this one tomorrow. I’ll be on the lookout for the next one.

Bring it.


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