So its Friday.

No big plans for the weekend. Group ride in the morn. Fat bike in the woods Sunday. Does not sound like a lot but its good enough for me. Hopefully the rain holds off.

Ive been thinking of getting a nicer camera. Which would not be that hard to do since most of my pics, including the one above ( that I enhanced with Google) are taken with my phone. Every once in a while I want to take my foto skills to the next level. I did so last spring having framed a few and put them in the store for sale. And sold none.

Talking to several pro picture takers its a hard gig to do. My father did it in the late 70’s. He would frame them and go to craft fairs and sell them. Not sure if he made any money at it. So I must get this from him.

I get to the store and price out a few cameras but then walk out and drop the idea. So I might just do that again this weekend.

Today in the store I will start the Christmas decorations. It takes a couple days to do. Thinking of putting some stuff outside and hope it doesn’t walk away.

So thats about it today. The sun was out this morn and a ride could have happened but Im a bit under that weather. Nothing terrible. Just a cold thats making me feel poopy. I’ll ride in the morn for sure.

Have a good weekend.


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