Why Are We Here?

Im sure many wonder why I do this blog. Well, I can turn that around and ask you why you read it. I dont see me as living such a interesting life as to read about. I dont do this for you to read it but more for fun. I like to write and do it a lot. I write at least twice as much as you read here. When I have the time. Of late I do. Yesterday I wrote several thousand words.

I have several blogs I use. All the others are personal. Or just for stories. Sometimes I write a story based on a picture I took. Its a hobby. Im sure the stories are not very good but thats fine by me.

Sometimes I’ll take pic to get started, then listen to some music and write taking a spin from the lyrics. And just type away. Nobody has ever seen any of these stories. It takes less than 10 minutes to reads them. But sometimes I write two stories together to make a bigger one.

Anyway, I like to write and take pic’s and thats good enough to hold down a blog I guess. I don’t put a lot of personal stuff here. Kinda keep family, politics and religion out. Keeps things cleaner overall.

I do have bikes and the bike store to write about and I do that. But that gets boring on my end too. I spend all day here and sometimes I just want to leave it for awhile, and not write about it. I rather write about all the fun stuff I do. But unfortunately that limited. I mostly look ahead with that stuff.

Like looking forward to winter. I met with the Park Rangers this morn to talk about the ski trail this winter. I have some very small changes I would like to do. But when your dealing with government you have a lot of red tape to wade thru. The Park management hates change. But can be talked into it.

Also in the works is a fat bike race I want to put on in that park. Its a State park so there are many hoops to jump thru. We have had several small conversations on it. All I can say is they have not ruled it out. Yet.

It would be cool as I would use the groomed ski trail. Since Im the guy grooming it anyway. If needed trail repair would not be an issue. Im thinking maybe sometime in Feb. So I have time. Maybe a month before I make the call of go\no go.

Iceman is this weekend. This is now the third time I registered for the race. And never have done it. Each time I ditch the race. Its kinda hard to register for something in March that happened in Nov. I hope to do it someday. Just for the fact that Ive tried three times and never went puts it on my bucket list.

Its a light rain today. I would have considered a ride but the ride window was shut tight. Maybe tomorrow before the store opens.

Other than that its going to be a super fun day doing accounting end of year stuff. Im starting it early and that is so not me. So I’ll most likely break to write a story.


Wa da ya think?

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