Tues Nite Ride

Morning after nite ride.

Another successful Tues nite ride in the books. 12 bikes, two groups. One casualty.   One unlucky guy had a stick all up in his rear derailleur. And the stick decided to take the derailleur with it. Bummer. It was a new bike…

Being about 40 degrees at ride time made it a comfortable ride. The temps are set to plummet in a few days. It is November in Wisconsin. We are on borrowed time in that respect.

We have done 3 of these nite rides and each time Ive had a different light on my head. Started with a Niterider Lumina 750, then to a Lumina 800 (which I think is the same light) and last nite I had a Portland Design Urban 800. The PD is a lighter lite but not as bright as the Lumina I think. But it seems that because the PD spreads the light out a bit more. More of as flood than a spot. All the lights run about 150 bucks.

Im a winter guy as much as summer so Im waiting patiently for the snow. In the 10 day forecast (which I look at everyday now) there is colder temps and some snow. Nice! In my mind (and on paper) Im planning my winter getaways. Marquette and Hayward\Cable on my mind. Door County too. Skiing up there is fun.

Todays trip to the ol’ happy place was a busy one. The sun was out so I left the house early. The sun is still kinda high enough overhead to warm you up a little in the cold. The beach is still a warm walk then.

There was a ton of people in the park this morn. That will not be the case when its 10 degrees out. I’ll have it to myself and thats fine by me.


Yesterday I saw a eagle during my visit in the same tree that I first saw them in 2008. They like it for some reason. As temps turn cold and the inland lakes freeze up they will be a daily sighting along Lake Michigan.

Today in the store I will take inventory of bikes and fill in the holes for Christmas. And then most likely not order bikes until February unless I sell one thats not here.

Then its game on for ski’s and snoshoes. This winter Im bringing in a new product. These things called crampons. You strap them to a shoe or boot and they have spikes underneath. They are very light and used for winter hiking where you don’t need snoshoes.

Right now is the slowest time of the year. Besides all the fatbike stuff nothing else is really happening. For the fatbikes, I have already sold about half of last winter. The Treks are sold out and Im waiting for the 9zero7’s and Felts.

It just seems nobody can get delivery dates right. Treks came out early but as expected did not make enough. They could have almost doubled their numbers there. But its not just them. Pretty much everybody except Surly. Pugs and such are available year round.

I know of many dealers that are bringing in Surlys Ice Cream Truck to fill the gaps and maybe thats what I will do but the mainstream buyer just does not want a steel frame. Everyone wants a 30 pound fatbike under 2k. But those models are sold out.

I’ll talk more on this fatbike availability stuff later. Very frustrating.


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