The Report


Guess I’ll take a break for all that history stuff. Maybe more on #TBT.

The weekend report is a pretty good one. Saturday I got out with the group. They spent some extra time on the woods so I followed them on my cross bike. Still, the cross bike is pretty much the greatest bike in the world to ride. Once out of the woods its all road and thats where it helps me stay in the peloton of MTB,s.

But it was cold. Just under freezing for the first time and as usual I dressed wrong. It usually takes me about three rides to get the layers right. I was under dressed and cold. But it was tolerable.

Also, I had a first on that ride. For the first time my Di2 went into low battery mode. The chainring moves to the small and stays there. You only have the cassette to shift. I then realized I never charged it out of the box two months ago. And of course never check it. My bad.

I noticed that the front derailleur does not auto adjust either when that happens. When I was on the bottom of the cassette the chain was rubbing in front. Pretty loud. That was a bit annoying but understandable. Once I got back it charged up in less that two hours and this charge will most likely take me to the point where I’ll sell it.

Sunday was a smallish ride on the Farley. It was one of those lazy days where you just get up and lumber around the house. Around noon I decided to grab the bike and just tool around awhile. These are pretty much the best rides. Looking around, stopping to look at stuff. iPod in my ears. Sun is out. Good stuff.

Sunday was way warmer than Saturday and I did dress right for that.


This morn was even warmer yet. Had a nice stroll on the beach with a tshirt\no coat. The days are numbered to do that. Maybe even the single digits. I still want winter to come quickly but there are times I could be talked out of that. This morn was one of those times. I haven’t looked at the extended forecast yet but I hear next week is going to be the end of this. I’ll enjoy it till then and plan a ride before the store opens tomorrow.


Wa da ya think?

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