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Day After T day

945 Thursday

Had a good Holiday. Got out for a nice beach ride in the morn. Temps in the 20’s but the sun was softening the sand pretty quick. The surf was up and did not leave a lot of room for riding. But it was easy with a fatbike. Good thing I had one.

About an hour on the beach and then it was home to eat with the fam. I think I did a pretty good job at not over doing it at the diner table. Pretty happy about that. In the past I always had some nice quiet rides on Turkey Day. Usually riding to town to watch friends run in the local Turkey Trot.

I remember this one two years ago. It was 60 degrees.

Since black Friday now starts Thursday nite several of my family members had to work so we ate much earlier than usual and that opened a time slot to make the annual turkey day nite ride. Over the years Ive missed this one cuz we ate at 5pm. Too late to ditch for a bike ride later. But this year everyone was out of the house before 7pm and I had the chance. But bailed at the last minute. Single digit temps (7) and a 40 minute drive to and from just did not appeal to me as the ride started at 8pm. Just did not feel like doing all that driving for such a short ride that it was going to be. With winter here early Im not sure how many riders would have been there anyway.

The temps have been crazy of late. Last week Friday I rode in the morn at 6 degrees, the next day at the same time it was 34. Last nite was 7, today about 32 and tomorrow near 40 at group ride time. My clothing bag is over full with every clotDSCN4355hing combo you can think of. I never good at this stuff. Im either hot or cold.

Ive come to a decision. A fat bike decision

Mostly cuz I was thinking the wrong way. When I got my Farley 8 I was a little upset that I could not run 29+. I love 29+. Its a ton of fun in the summer. So I was planning to sell the Farley maybe late December and get another 9zero7 carbon frame Whiteout. Put a Bluto fork on it and then bring on the 29+ wheelset. That bike has 190 rear spacing. I told people Im only going to ride bikes with 190 rear. So easy to set up as far as driveline and rim\tire combo. AND you can run 29+ all day if you like.

Well, that is true. But the reason the Farley 8 or 6 cant run a 29+ is not the hub width. Its the chainstay length. The Treks have a very short chainstay and the 29+ wheel which is like a 31’er hits the seat post. Thing is, I like the short chain stay. The bike is so nimble. Easy to flick around in single track. Very fun to ride. So if I want to go 29+ I need to ride a bike with a longer seat stay and Im not sure I want that. I think I’ll keep the Farley a little longer now.

I’ll never run a 100 mil rim so do care about 190 vs 170? Maybe not. Maybe its the shorter chain stay I need to keep in mind. Thus changing up my thoughts on this entirely. Maybe its back to the drawing board with my wheel building.

I say this now and next year they are 190m rear hub. Then I start this all over again. I guess I should just live in the now.


Love the Nite

745pm Tuesday

Another successful nite ride. As expected the bike count is dropping considerably since winter has arrived. 6 bikes with 4 being fat. Thats me on the green fattie.

It felt awesome to ride in snow again. The trails were near perfect and the snow trees had the ride look and feel surreal. It had me thinking about all the groomed trails Im going to ride this winter. I plan on hitting several trails systems…

Riding single track thru the woods with all the trees covered in snow was amazing at nite. Almost every one us us stated that we should have had out GoPros with us. Just one of those rides where you had a smile the entire ride. So beautiful and hard to describe without footage.

Moving on. What to do tomorrow with the Holiday? I have the morning so I just might grab the Trucker and go for a ride. Or the fatbike and hit the beach. Either would be fine by me. I need to get home by noon as we have all the kids and grandkids over to eat. For us its early this year at 1pm. That just might leave me some time to attend the annual nite ride every Thanksgiving. Usually we don’t eat till 5pm but this year’s early meal opens that riding window up quite a bit.

Nite ride or no nite ride I’ll still have a nice relaxing day with the Fam.

And I hope you do to. Talk Friday (Black Friday) And no, Im not opening at 4am.


Change of Pace


The first real snow. The landscape changes. Its like you see it for the first time. Its not 4 to 6 inches like the weather dudes said, it more like 1 to 2 like Johndee said.

But its snow none the less. Snow that will melt within a few days. But again snow none the less. The pic above is a file foto I have from the park. I have about a million snow tree pics and really dont need to take anymore. But it looks like that now. Everything looks20141125_090858[1] different and I like different. Not enough to start grooming the ski trail yet but I would start rolling in the base sooner than later if I had the chance.

Im seeing more and more ships in the morning. They have switched to our side of the lake to finish off the shipping season and I’ll see more and more as time rolls on. This ship is the US Great Republic. I have not seen it for several years as it hangs out in other lakes. And last time I saw it it was black, now painted red. This pic is once again with my phone. Im still looking at better cameras…

Here’s some info on it.

Tonite is the weekly Tuesday Nite ride. Last week it was on the beach but tonite its back in the woods. Fresh snow should make it a good fatbike ride but there will be plenty of MTBs still. Until the snow gets deep anyway. Moderate temps in the 20’s will make this a pleasant ride. Last week was 12 degrees.

Should be way more than the 4 bikes we had last week. Hopefully enough bikes for a slow and a fast group. Im looking forward to it. I’ll let you know how that go’s.


Weather\Winter bike

I salvaged the weekend as best I could. Saturday we did get in our group ride. It was near 40 degrees. I rode my cross bike for the last time. From this point on its all winter bike. Cross bike will be for sale soon. I’ll miss the Di2.

Sunday I woke to fair weather but rain was for sure moving in. I drove out to the park to check out the snowmobile and groom5-10er. The guys have everything in working order and is good to go.

So all we have to do is wait. In fact tonite and tomorrow will call for a few inches. Weather dudes say 3 to 5. So that means most likely two.

Looking ahead as I always do its does not look good for snow to stick yet. The graphic you see here is from

This guy is a private meteorologist thats hires out to private firms or companies when they need to know whats up. He is the most accurate source for snow that I know of. He tells it like it is without having to deal with the media hype that TV stations want their weather guys to do. And here is what he is saying for the next 10 days. What crap. Lets hope the question mark will come into play. But he is never that far off base.

Back to my winter bike. My Surly Disc Trucker will be my ride until maybe March or so. Steel frame. It weighs a ton. Its got 26in wheels that I run 1.5in tires in the summer and 2in tires in the winter. In tour mode it gets me around. Sadly, I did not throw a leg over this bike this summer. Or last summer. The last time I toured was July of 2012.


And here I am truckin’ down the road on that trip. I was heading to northern Wisco. and I remember it was hot. Like 100 degrees. No way I was going to tent in the heat so I stopped by my Mom’s in Green Bay to ditch all the camping stuff SAMSUNGand decided to hotel it at nite.

It was just a three day 235 mile ride. It really makes me sad that I have not done this since. I really need to set time aside to do this next summer.

A trip around Lake Michigan would be cool. And pretty easy to do as its been well documented and done a million times. But I would want 10 days or so to do that and Im not so sure I can take that many days off in summer. Or winter for that matter.

Strangely I prefer to go alone. I guess I would not mind a companion but it would be great as long as everyone is on the same page as far as distances and such per day. Who knows, I have always been alone. But kinda planned things out to meet people on the way. Anyhoo, I just need to do this more. Its just one of the many ways you can ride a bike.


So here’s the Trucker in winter mode. Off comes the bags and racks. Off comes the double kick stand and Brooks saddle. Off comes the thinner tires. Throw on some old 2in MTB tires and a lighter saddle and its ready for winter. Ready for the beach rides (did one already!) and the sloppy roads.

After every ride I take two or three buckets of hot water and dump it on the driveline. Even then being a steel frame in spring it gets completely disassembled and every nut and bolt gets some grease. Right down to the fender and rack  bolts. Then gets re assembled in tour mode. Ready to go on a vacation.

Next summer Im doing it for real. I mean it.