My Bike History Part Two

Ive started using categories for my posts. I usually never bothered but I’ll give it a try. I also was going to leave the second part for next throw back Thursday but that just two long to wait for a part two. So here we go.

After many years of no riding I decided to get back into it sometime in 2000\2001. I now was 41 years old. I still had that GT RTS but it was beat up. So I walked into our local Trek dealer (that had changed hands since I bought the 7000) and bought this bike.

OLd treellll

It was a 1999 or 2000 Trek VRX 400. Had to dig into the interwebs to find this pic. This was the exact bike I had, same color. Full suspension And (are you ready for this) hydro disc brakes! I forgot what it cost. Looking it up it looks like it was around $2000? Thats $600 more than that crappy GT! And again twice the bike. Once again other riders were stopping me and asking about the bike. I guess Ive been dealing with the fatbike syndrome (what the hell are you riding??) for many years. But by then spending 2k on a bike was a little bit more mainstream. Road bikes were starting to turn into carbon. Ironically that bike was still about 2 week pay for me, much like the 7000 was in 1991.

So after I was off all bikes for maybe almost 8 years I was back baby! And 30 pounds heavier. An issue I deal with to this day. So I grabbed my bike and headed to the woods.

Things were much different since I parked the GT. We had a city park with trails in it. And what was this? A yearly bike race put on by some group call WORS. I remember riding my weird Trek to watch that race for the first time. Maybe 2000 or so. And telling myself that is in fact, what I want to do with me life. I spent that summer riding my VRX around, discovering all the trails in my area. Thinking about doing those MTB races and formulating a plan to do so. Strangely, just 5 years later I was the director of that race.

As I continued to ride that VRX, I came to realize that it was not a very good bike. The rear suspension was no better than the GT of 6 years ago. The fork improved tho. But as the summer came to a close I understood that this heavy tank was not the bike to start my cross country racing with.

So in spring of 2001 I walked in to the same store I bought my VRX in to buy whatever was state of the art. And at that time it was the Trek Fuel.

 And here it was! My brand new 2001 Trek Fuel 98. I cant believe how easy it is to find these pics online. Thats the exact bike. Man, I was again stylin’. Check out those Rolf wheels. They sure look cool but today we all know the paired spokes are not really a good idea…

So I threw my fat ass over that bike and headed to my first WORS race in May of 2001. It was the first race of the series in Iola, WI and I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing.

Here’s the results. Scroll down to Clydsdale 35+ and Im last out of 4.

Quite the learning curve. But I was hooked. The next few races I took out motorhome and went by myself. Then actually found a few other locals who raced and we ended up just all piling in the motorhome on Saturdays and off we went.

Years 2000 and 2001 I did every race. 12 per summer. Every other weekend. I had a blast. Looking back today that really was close to the best time riding I had. Made a ton of new friends, lost a bit of weight and even podiumed some races.

Cultivating to a 3rd overall in 2002. Scroll down to Clyde 35+

Man, it appears I’ll need more than 2 posts to finish this.

So now I believe I still have both the VRX and the Fuel. For the life of me I cant remember what happened to the VRX. Im sure I sold it at some point but don’t remember it. And dont have any pics of it either.

The Fuel on the other hand, I had forever. Its really the bike I rode right into my bike shop owner era in 2009. Starting then I had new bikes than came and went so I wont get into that stuff. But the Trek Fuel saga is not over. It lasted from 2001 to 2009. And it went thru a huge transformation.

And thats another post.

Have a good weekend. Ride your bike cuz I will do the same.


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