My Bike History Part One

First and latest.

What you are looking at here is my newest and my oldest bikes. The new one we wont talk about too much here. Its a 2015 Trek Farley 8. I believe I’ve mentioned it before. But the other is a small story itself.

The 1991 Trek 7000.

I bought it new in 1991. At the time it was one of the first aluminum bikes. Touted as the lightest bikes available. I remember paying $680 bucks for that bike. Almost unheard of then.

Today the only thing stock from purchase is the frame, seatpost and crank. The bike is beat up but I keep it up. Just put in a new BB. Must have been crashed a million times. The frame is too small for me. Of course at the time the salesman said no problem. And I didn’t know better. Thats his bad. But… I made it work for three years until I got a new bike. Today my wife rides it a couple times a year. I continued to ride it in winters until around 2008. After that I used mostly cross bikes for winter riding and retired the ol’ 7000.

One of the last winters I used it.

Lets compare the $680 price tag today. For the same price you get a 9 or 10 speed rear from a 7 back then. You get hydro disc brakes, from center pull calipers in that day. You get a almost good fork compared to the alu rigid. At that time suspension forks were still pretty much on the drawing board.

As crazy as it sounds, today you get three times the bike for the same price. Back then the $680 was most likely over two weeks pay for most of us. Compare that to today. What kind of bike would two weeks pay get you today?

Then in 1994 came my GT RTS 3. It was purple. Its was dual suspension and pretty crappy one by todays standards. The cost? In 1994 I paid a mind blowing $1295. For a bike. Crazy!

But man did I get the looks when I rode it. For the most part this was the first bike people have seen with a suspension fork, let alone some weird shock in the back.

This is the bike. Same color.

Found this pic online. This is exactly the bike I had. I sold it for $700 back in the day but I think I know where the guy is who bought it. He painted it I remember. I always thought about looking him up to ask if I could have it back. Im sure its in poor condition. It was pretty beat up when I sold it and Im not sure the guy rode it much. This was for the most part top of the line then. At least for a production bike. I rode the crap out of that bike for maybe 3 years. Then threw it in the attic and stopped riding bikes for almost 10 or so years.

Riding that bike was pretty much like riding a fatbike today. People constantly stopping you and asking what the hell are you riding? Almost falling over when I told them the cost. Asking for a little test ride and not believing the ride. Remember most bike were full rigid back then.

The suspension was terrible. I’ll compare it to todays Walmart bike. Controlling bob on climbs was not even thought about then. When you jumped up and down on the bike the suspension moved and that was good enough back then.

But what did we know. I didnt care. It was a cool bike.

After a hiatus from riding I returned around 20001 with a Trek. I forgot the model. I’ll look for it today and write part two on my bike history next. Today we covered from the beginning in 1991 to about 2000.

To be continued.


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