Tuesday Nite Ride.

Almost ready to flip the light switch.

Another awesome nite ride last nite. About 15 bikes, two groups and again I led group “B”.

This ride stays popular until the temps drop. Then the boys of summer will ditch. Whats left will be the hard core winter riders. Mostly made up of fat bikes. That theory might be tested soon as the temps are scheduled to drop like a rock in a couple days. Looks like temps at ride time Saturday will be around the freezing mark.


We put in almost an hour and a half of ride time. Would have been more but there was a lot of visiting going on. Which is fine. And a little beer drinking after. Which is fine also.

The Park visit was a good one this morn. I had my good camera so I got to take a good pic.

There’s still quite a few people in the park in the morn. A few brave campers. Soon, with the coming of full on winter, I will be the only person there when I have my morning coffee.

For some strange reason I like that. The park feels different to me when Im alone in such a big place. Quiet. Not that its noisey at all. Just a different quiet.

Soon I will be grooming the ski trails there I hope. I got my first ski’s brought in to the shop to get wax’ed. Thats always a good feeling. The change of seasons has begun in earnest.

I still have not inventoried my winter clothing and need to do so quickly. I’ll need some for the weekend. Maybe sooner as I might get a ride in tomorrow aft when my tech guy comes in to fix a few bikes that came in.

As I said earlier I need to prep my Surly Trucker into winter mode.

There’s a lot of work to do here due to season change. Both professional and personal.


Wa da ya think?

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