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For the most part I neverGeorge-Hincapie-and-Lance-Armstrong-659x440 get political on my blog, but I’ve posted about this years ago. This Lance Armstrong thing is just the gift that keeps on giving.

If you in fact live in a cave, read up on this here.

As always the Lance thing has people divided very wide. He has loyal followers that forgive him. He’s got peers that both love and hate him but never say in public. He lives down the block from Teejay VG and rides with him occasionally. He rides with many current racers but most won’t admit it. All the continental riders who never made it to a pro tour team blame him for them not being millionaires.

I cant see this issue from the eyes of a racer trying to make a living in LA’s doping era. Im sure they are bitter and Im sure they have a right to be. But that was 10 years ago. Move on.

I almost forgot all about the L.A. diaries. I hear about his lawsuits now and then but those are no where as interesting. Then, out of nowhere comes this. And we are pulled right back in. Bam!

Here is a post I did two years ago. Before he confessed. Was I suprised by the fact he doped. Not in the least.

My point was then, and still is today, is that nothing good came of Tygart’s rampage on LA. It did way more damage than good. And here we are two years later and its still on like Donkey Kong.

First, lets look at the supporting cast. They got off easy because they ‘offered” their testimony. Really? You mean they offered it after they were told a 2 year ban was waiting anyway, and Tygart knocked it down to 6 months to be served in the offseason. What a frickin joke. They even waited until the end of the season for this, and also for anyone (Hincapie) to retire if they wanted. After the fact. But this is old news.

Yes, I understand that LA was offered the same deal. Sort of. All the others just had to say they doped. But for LA to do so he had to throw many people under the bus. He had to produce many names. Most of the names came across the pond. Some names came from governing bodies. Some were other riders, coaches, friends. So Mr Tygart offered him some kind of deal in a sport he was retired from? LA says no thanks. You can only imagine the number of lives he could ruin if he talked. And for what? What good would it do today? Most of those names are out of cycling now anyway. I always thought from the beginning what of the Euro riders on Postal\Discovery? There were a few. Tygart could only go after the Americans (to get at Lance) and had no jurisdiction on any foreign riders. In fact, Tygart talked to those organisations across the pond and they all said no thanks and keep your nose in your own backyard.

As expected, this deal hit LA hard. But hard enough to change his lifestyle? Maybe a little, I don’t know. Taking away the Tour wins seemed kind of virtual anyway.  He had them taken way but he still pretty much won them. Everyone else under him in the podium were also dopers or just did not want the jump in placing. Moving on he still has the lawsuits that will in time I think be settled out of court.

I think the only winners here are the lawyers.

Do not get me wrong, LA doped when he won and should pay the price. But not everyone’s price. Just his own. I am fully aware he broke laws and many moral codes professional athletes need to live by. He is guilty. And sometimes not a nice guy, but there is no law against that. Again, old news. Moving on..

Thats leads us to yesterdays issue. Another frickin joke. USAC was told by USADA that a accused doper cant ride in another accused doper’s Fondo with other accused dopers because the one accused doper used USAC for insurance. I could just end this rant making my point with that last sentence. Now, I understand that, on paper, this is want is outlined with LA’s life ban. No participation with any USAC programs. But come on, its just insurance. Its not a competition event. USADA could not resist another jab.

LA has once said he would talk more but not to Tygart, not USADA, which I would totally understand. However, like I said prior all the other governing bodies really do not want to talk to him. The potential disaster far outweigh the potential good.

I’ll end with this. Many others have different opinions. Here is mine. Under all the circumstances Im disappointed that LA doped. But I dont hate him for it. I wish him well. While I agree he should not be involved in cycling competition in any way or form, he should be able to ride a bike in general anytime and anywhere he wants. The people at USADA should just let it go. Their job is done. It is finished. Move on to the dopers of today. Im sure there are many to go after. Have at it.

Cycling needs to put this stuff in the rear view.


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