Waited 5 Years


A bit chilly this morn but the weather will improve a little bit in the next few days. Still have not figured out what Im doing this weekend. But I have time.

So last nite was my first nite ride in 5 years. It was a blast. 14 bikes showed and we all left together but soon the faster guys took off and we had two groups. We would meet each other periodically. I led the slow group all nite. About an hour and a half of ride ride time. And about 30 min of beer time afterwards.

Having me lead was a good thing I think. First off, Im the slowest so with me in the front the group stays together. As soon as one or two bikes passed me they were gone. Then usually they turned right where we turned left and were really gone. But we stayed together for the most part. And being on the front gives me motivation to go harder. And I did. I was again sore when I hit the sheets and I have to feel good about that. I did feel good on the bike. Or at least better.

I had the fat tires back on the bike. Took off the 29er wheelset. I gatta say I liked the fat better even in the summer conditions. Its just easier to ride. You dont have to be so specific on what line you ride. And thats a small advantage when riding at nite. Sure, my climbing was slower, but so what. I did have 20 pounds of air in the 4in tubeless tires but the Bluto fork was helping me out with that. And the roll was about as fast as the 29er setup anyway. Or at least close enough.

So I think this is going to be a weekly deal for awhile. In time it will get cold(er) and that will cut the group in half, then the snow will change thing too. Maybe it will become a fatbike only ride at some point.

I had hoped to get a pic but just never did. Maybe next week. Again, the weather into and out of this weekend looks great. Maybe it will hold to next Tuesday.


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