Nite Ride Moon

M-O-O-N. That spells moon.

I will show great respect for the first reader that calls out the reference I made with the pic. I save all my pics. Pretty much. That one was from 2004 I think.

Tonite is the resurrection of the weekly Tues nite ride. Years ago this was attended by many but the last 4 years or so has died out. The last two years its been non existent.

So I called it out again and hope and it sounds like a bunch will show. Might be enough to have a fast and a slow group. I’ll head up the slow group.

Its been years since I did a nite ride. Im thinking maybe 5 at least. Its been years since I even owned lights and had to buy two sets off the sales floor. I’ll have 800 lumens on my head and 300 on the bar. I’ll be on the Farley. With fat tires again. Like I said yesterday I’ll ditch the 29in wheels if I cant go plus size. Im sending positive thoughts for early snow anyway. Should be fun.

In years past this ride left the south side of town, hit some woods and then maybe onto a frozen beach. But we have since lost the woods to progress. So the ride will be at the park on the north side of town that we hold the MTB race in. In time I hope to hit up the beach later in the season.

I still have not looked at my winter clothing and strangely enough, the weather dudes are calling for sun and near 70 degrees by the weekend. Sounds like this could be our Native American summer just a few days away. Im already starting to plan my activities.

You should too.


Wa da ya think?

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