The Riding of Bikes.

Fatbike in disguise.

Finally a decent weekend on a bike(or two).

I followed up Fridays morning ride with the group ride on Saturday. The group that I have not rode with all summer. Cold and rain had the ride start 30 min late for me but it was a good 2+ hours on the cross bike.

This ride is the one I ditched all summer due to lack of help in the store. Its a bunch of pretty fast guys and gals and is a ride I really needed to keep doing. Its very hard for me but helps my fitness a bunch. I’m constantly chasing and pretty much makes me put in the effort I would not do alone. While riding with these guys Saturday I realized just how much I need to try and hit this ride next summer.

But now its in winter mode. Mostly MTB bikes with a cross or two. Im on a cross and that helps me stay in. Come winter time the group will ride the frozen beach but thats a ways off yet so in the meantime its mostly road. A little woods. But mostly road and with them on MTB’s and me on cross helps me stay in the game. So that ride was good for me. I was sore. A good sore.

Sunday had me driving the 40 minutes to out local State trails. The Greenbush trails is a system built by IMBA a bunch of years ago. Pretty nice stuff. Sadly, Sunday was only my second time there this summer. Last time was May. Shows how little I was on a MTB this summer.

While all the hard core riders will say these trails are great I will complain. Ive said this many times but its just too many rocks. Tons of rocks. Rocks on the climbs, rocks on the descents. The slow spots have you picking thru the rocks. The fast sections have you bouncing and sliding thru them. Its like a hour long rock garden.

With all the leaves down I had my hands full just trying to stay upright. I had planned a hour or so easy ride but bailed out at 25 minutes to head back to town for the trails in our city park. When I was at the Greenbush trails I noticed a couple in the parking lot talking to each other. After returning to town to ride the less rocky trails they also pulled in a bit after I did.

Now, Im not saying Im never going to ride those trails, but they are just not my first choice. Or second. Its too bad. They were not like this when they were cut in. Its gotten this way over the years. And makes me wonder what its going to be like 5 years from now…

So I had the Farley out with the wheelset I had build for 29+. Except the + part does not fit in the Farley rear due to the short chainstay. So I put some 2.35’s on it and they fit fine but would not accept not much bigger. The wheels are great but I gatta say it just makes the fatbike into a 29er hardtail. For the way I rode it Sunday I could have kept the fatties on no problem. If I cant take the 29 to the + stage then I guess Im not interested anymore. The wheels\tires are not that much taller than the fat tires. Just a bit. The 29+ with Surly 3in knards were huge. Like a 31er.

Im putting the fat tires back on and selling the 29in wheels set. Im just no interested in turning my fatbike into just another 29er hardtail I guess.

Thats just not how I roll.


Wa da ya think?

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