More Change(embraced)

Very rarely does one of my plans work. But ditching yesterday’s ride for this morning was a good one.

I pulled out of the store around 830 to sunshine and 50 degrees. Not bad for mid Oct. Cross bike it was around the park and found some woods to ride in. Almost two hours. Just a few miles to go the cloud cover came, winds picked up and it dropped several degrees. But I hit the perfect weather window. That almost never happens. It was a nice ride. The kind of ride you wonder why you don’t do more of. Stopped and talked to some freinds. Saw a Eagle flying. Life was good.

First thing I thought as I left the store was how bad I felt on the bike. Ive got maybe two hours saddle time in the last two weeks and I always say how amazed how fast you lose bike fitness. Right now Im a mess.

Then, Im amazed on how fast it comes back. Before the end of the ride I was feeling better already. And I have almost three hours planned tomorrow morn. I cant wait to feel how sore I am after that one.

And I noticed another thing. I noticed how much I think of stuff on the bike. You let your mind wander and all of a sudden you are figuring out your life’s issues. When Im riding I just can think cleaner and slower.

Ive made some poor business decisions of late and I blame that directly on lack of seat time. Im thoroughly convinced I need this saddle time to think things thru better. And will strive to get more hours on the bike. It surely cant hurt. Physically or mentally.

For awhile in the fall, morning rides are a little harder to do. You need to dress more. You need to put more thought on clothing, wind direction and route. Its a hassle from the warm weather riding when you just tossed on a kit a went. There’s a period where your mind just says no. Too cold. Too windy.

Like this guy, I suck at figuring out clothing.

But once you work past that stage you’re good to go again. You need to mentally concede the summer like I did yesterday.  Its really just mind over matter. Ive just past that stage and am good to go. I still need to take a winter clothing inventory like I said earlier but will do soon.

Tomorrows ride looks like about 40 degrees and thats a bit cool but in a month we would kill for that temp. So embrace it sooner than later. You will be better off in the long run.

Its Friday and I am caught up with all my store chores and have nothing to do until someone walks in. Couple new bikes are getting picked up today. Thats always fun to do. Everyone is happy when their new bike is in. I know I am.

Have a good weekend!


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