Today I am mentally conceding the summer. The last summer function was the MTB race last week and thus concluded all summer activities. Not that I wont ride a bike. Thats a 12 month deal for me anyways. But the change of season is imminent in my head.

Early Bowie is the best!

Tonite I will head to the basement and inventory all winter clothing. Getting rid of the worn out and filling that gaps with new. Today I will start floor planning the ski and other winter stuff in the store. Bike stuff stays out but is not front and center anymore.

I am always a bit sad to mentally end summer. Its not as bad cuz fall is still in the air when I do so. But on several levels I get a bit bummed. The end of the bike selling season puts me alone in the store a lot. Trying to find something to do with my spare time. The next two months are the slowest so its time to shampoo the carpets and maybe do a little painting although the store is pretty new inside. Not much to do in that respect.

Except I do have a task. Im turning the upstairs spare room into a spin\yoga studio. I was going to do that last year but ran out of time but I think its go time. Will do it for real. More on that later.

I planned a ride this morn but cancelled when I looked the the weather. It was nice enough (not raining) to ride this morn but tomorrow looks better to I rolled the dice and hope the morning has the sun shining. Also planning a ride Saturday morn too. Hopefully by Sunday the trails will be dry. Fatbike in the woods then.

So from today on I hope for a early winter.

Bring it.


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