Yellow and Green

Yellow and green.

Did not get to Door County as I had hoped but I did get out of town anyway. Headed over to Appleton,WI to do some window shopping in the large mall there. I dont do this a lot but it was pretty much a solid rain all day so no outside activity anyway. We did stop thru some State and County parks to check out the leaves.


The high winds and driving rain for a solid day and a half really took its toll on the leaves. Ton of leaves on the ground. The woods looks like a yellow carpet. Its kinda weird to see so many leaves on the floor with some trees still mostly green. Its Wednesday morn and it has been pretty much raining on and off since Monday afternoon. The trails are just way too wet to ride on and it seems its going to take a while to dry. Standing water everywhere.

I would like to say I have a lot to do in the store but I dont. pretty much now starts the slowest time of the year. Oct\Nov is the worst. No biking. No skiing.

As much as I try to hang on to the bike season, it ends and really nothing I can do about it. Just sit back and watch.

As far as the ski season, again, just sit wand wait for the snow. No snow. No sales.

Ive said this a million times but its so hard in a weather driven industry. You can do everything right and lose. You have no real control. You can adjust inventory and such, but you have no control over sales overall.

So soon I will be watching the 10 day forecasts. Watching and waiting. Waiting and watching.

But I would not mind a few more 60 degree days. Just a couple.


Wa da ya think?

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