Busy Weekend


As weird as it sounds I rarely get out of the car in my happy place. Mostly just turn on some tunes and relax. Today I did go for a little walk. Its one of those days where its cold out (37 degrees) but the blazing sun keeps you warm anyway. Tons of frost on the ground before the sun got ahold of it. So walking out in a tshirt was no problem.

But I do see one problem tho. Seems there is no beach. In winter we ride this frozen beach no fat tires needed. Ive been on it quite a bit with a cross bike. Once you find the sweet spot between the water and dry sand its as hard a concrete. That is, again, until the sun gets ahold of it.

But it seems with the water levels up so much this year the sweet spot is gone. During the winter the waves will run up against DSCN2348the edge. And the sand on top will be dry and soft. Nowhere to go.

Heres a pic from several years ago. You can see the frozen sand is about 20 feet across. Water to the right, dry sand to the left. When that spot is smooth we can peloton 20mph down the beach. Its a blast.

But looking at the way the beach was this morn it sure look like its not going to be a good winter for the beach ride. Maybe things will change.

They have many times. Will see where its at two months from now.

Today, this morn, Im prepping for a busy, long weekend. Pretty much starting today and going thru late Sunday nite. I’ll start hauling stuff out to the park tonite already. And start lining things up to put in the rental truck tomorrow after the store closes.

Stop out and say hi!

Im not sure how this is all going to turn out and I hope to get a little payback for all the extra work Im doing. But thats never a sure thing. And so it begins. I’ll let you know how it went on Monday.

Have a great weekend.


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