Tuesday w\Ships


Just another day hanging out in the park. I was going to ride today but I have too many errands to run prior to store opening. Just waiting for the bank to open. I kinda have a lot to do this week. Working on the transition to ski’s and winter stuff. But first I plan a big weekend at the MTB race.

Being the title sponsor I will try to have a big presence out there. Three tents, about 10 bikes and tons of stuff for sale. I have the Square app on my phone to take CC payments. Will bring out stuff I really want to sell and mark it down. Maybe I wont have to bring it back. That would be nice. So this is really going to take all my time this week. Thinking of renting 20141007_082823[1]a truck to haul it all. I always think big. Sometimes too big.

More and more ships are truckin’ closer to shore as they do this time of year. Im sure there is a good reason for it. Just dont know it. Seems they spend summer on the other side of the lake and fall\winter on this side.

I should really get a better camera if Im going to take these kind of pics. The phone does not cut it for something way out there.

Actually there was two ships in sight. Another was quite a bit north of this one. This one is the American Spirit.

I saw this guy heading south to Chicago a few days ago.

I’ll see more and more ships floating past as time go’s on this fall. Its neat to see one on one of our famous winter frozen beach rides. Im so looking forward to that soon. Like I always say..

Bring it. Winter, that is..


Wa da ya think?

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