Monday Report

With the weekend once again come and gone I get to the store early like I do every Monday. I really don’t need to anymore as the foot 20141005_100811[1]traffic here has slowed to Oct levels. And I’ll cut the business hours again to winter hours very soon.

Sunday I took off for Door County to ride the Farley 8 for the first time. I have not even sat on it to set the seat hight yet. I left at 9am for the two hour drive. The sun was shining and it was going to be 50+ degrees which is perfect for a fall afternoon here.

I did stop off in Manitowoc to watch a little of the cross race there. Just swung thru to say hi and off I was to Peninsula Park.

I took the scenic route and added about 30 min to the drive time but thats fine as I had no schedule.

I arrived a little past noon and I gatta say Fish Creek\Egg Harbour was a happening place. A few miles out I hit traffic. Seems half of IL was there this weekend. When the trees turn color I guess its game on for those guys too. However the colors were not quite peak yet. Next week for sure.

So I got there, unloaded the Farley and went for a ride on the Sunset Trail, its a crushed limestone trail for the masses but you use it to get to the MTB trails. First thing I noticed is that the sun was gone. Overcast skies made the ride way more colder than I expected and I should have done some knee warmers but opted to not use them. A mistake.

Then, heading up to the MTB trails I was unpleasantly surprised by this sign.


Nice. Apparently they got a lot of rain that I was not aware of.


It was apparent. This pond was never here before.

So I just tooled around the park on the limestone path. And did a short ride into town. About a hours worth before I got bored out of my mind. And I was cold also. So not quite the ride I had hoped for. As little riding I put on the Farley things 20141005_130543[1]went well. Not a big workout for that fork but I did notice it at times.

The park is home to quite a few Pileated Woodpeckers. You can see what they do to trees all over the park. I usually see some fresh holes but not today.

So there was my first ride on the Farley. Not enough to use the suspension fork but a nice ride nonetheless. The X1 shifted great.

Today Im debating weather I should even use the 29+ wheels. Since I cant do the “plus” part of it. Im not too excited of just going “29” and not “29+”.

So I might just sell that wheelset new and not even use it. Or take the set apart and use the hubs for a carbon rim wheelset. Something. I’ll think about it awhile.

Its been awhile since I rode a fat tire and I sure noticed it on the climbs, even just the little ones. I always think I’ll be just as fast on a fat tire bike but Im not. Just like a cross bike slows my road average down 2mph, the fat tire does the same thing.

And thats just logical I guess. Even tho I ride some of the lightest fatbike stuff its still more than a MTB. And I always have to keep that in mind when riding with others. Not that I do that a lot.

Anyway, I hope to get out on the Farley soon and put the fork to the test in the woods. Sometime this week.


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