Fatbike Standards (lack of)

Last year in Door County with last years Farley.

Another rainy morn, but I have help coming in store at noon so a ride it will be for me. The sun will come out soon. As much as I didnt want to ride during my last riding window I double want to ride today.

Cross bike. Across town.

Im working Saturday (what else is new) but Sunday I plan on taking a trip up to Door County to ride my Farley for the first time in Peninsula Park. I did this last year solo and had a good time.

Trees will have color and the trails should be fun. Looking forward to that. Looks like rain will hold off.

Soon my riding will be almost all fatbike.

I had issues with the 29+ setup on the Farley. The wheels with Surly 3in Knards did not fit in the rear on the Farley. And Im having issues with the rear hub but mostly my own issues. Ive had the wheelset for a week but forgot its X1 and need a driver freewheel on the rear hub. So ordered that. Then, I didn’t realize the rear hub is not 170 but go’s to 177 when using the 12mil thru axle. So the rear is wrong width and wrong freewheel. Then, toss in the fact that the 29+ with 3in tire ( that I call a 31er) does not fit. So…

I have the new freewheel driver coming, took off the 3in Knards (which are for sale) and ordered a pair of 2.3 Bontys. Then, in another box somewhere in a UPS truck is some different end caps to make the rear hub a 177. So many issues with this wheelset I kinda wish I didn’t build them. Its a awesome set of wheels with Hope hubs, Sapim spokes and Northpaw rims. But all these different size hubs\wheels\tires is just so hard to keep up with. There are now 4 distinct rear hub sizes being used on fatbikes. Maybe 5. With the Bluto fork going to 150 that makes 3 front sizes being used. With two different disk brake spacing. Cripes. 

Hey. Lets just all go 190 rear and 150 front. Done and done.

I guess the fatbike thing is still evolving and its my hopes and dreams that as time go’s on a standard will form. And that should make everyone’s life a bit easier.

I say bring it.

Have a good weekend.


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