Missed it Again.

I had my chance. And I chose poorly. I had a riding window yesterday from noon to three. I brought all my riding stuff. Actually I carry that bag with me at all times. But when the time came I just did not feel like riding. And I know that if I did I would be glad I did so. But I just didnt. No motivation I guess.


I always tell myself that I can just ride in the morning. Its easier to just dress to ride at home then come to the store as opposed to coming in to work, getting involved with some project and then just drop it to ride.

So I promised myself a ride in the morning.

And of course its cold and raining. Looks like a slow day gonna happen here today.

Looks like a good day to check on my ski orders. Make sure all is on the up and up.

And start my yearly account stuff. This would be the earliest I have ever done that. Thats just not me.

I’ll try for another ride tomorrow morn.


Wa da ya think?

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