Missed it.


The awesome string of weather has come and gone. And I missed it all. Yesterday was 75 and sun. Today is 48 and clouds. Son of a…. My flu has run its course all the way to the last stage And thats the coughing up gross crap stage. Im feeling pretty strong now, not back to normal but good enough for me. And I can almost talk normal.

This morn I saw my first ship out on the ocean (Lake Michigan). The US Undaunted is a really small open cargo ship that pretty much stays close to shore all the time. Its on its way to the Chicago area. Most likely hauling salt. The bigger Ore ships are still running down the middle. Wont see them for a month or so yet.

Im going to assume (pray) that Indian summer will return. In fact its not true Indian summer until we have our first freeze of the year. Still, its the end of September and we should have a ton of good weather to go before it gets too blustery. Like today.

Nothing in the works for any substantial time off. Just looking at maybe taking a day up to Door County to see the turned leaves. Thats about it. Maybe next week.

Besides that its just settle in to the changing of the seasons. For better or for worse.


Wa da ya think?

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